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About Us

Chisel’s mission is to help you
craft amazing products!

Chisel is a unified platform for Product Managers to Create Roadmaps, Collect Customer Feedback and Build Internal Team Alignment.

Many software tools in the market allow Product Makers to manage their roadmaps. However, they fall short of providing great tools to align your team or build a great customer connection. Chisel was founded to provide a cohesive platform to drive these three aspects of Product management.

Chisel helps PMs move 10x faster in doing their day-to-day job. It reduces busywork, frees up time for innovation, and increases the chances of product success. It enables Product Managers to act as "mini-CEOs" of their product.

After working as a product leader for 20+ years building products used by billions of users across Office 365, Windows App Store, Xbox, and several startups, our founder and CEO, Praful, realized that, unlike other disciplines, product managers did not have bespoke tools to help them with the pain points of their job. Our leaders, investors, and advisors collectively have 100+ years of experience building products in companies like Google, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft and several prominent startups. Their collective experience as hands-on product leaders has provided us with deep insights into the limitations of product management tools in the market and the consequent pain felt by product managers. Chisel aims to address these pain points and gaps.

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Craft amazing products with Chisel!