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Why modern product teams choose Chisel over Productboard

Productboard is good for making roadmaps — but product management is about more than just making roadmaps. Chisel is the best choice for a modern, intelligent roadmap platform that also infuses feedback into every stage of the product development process.

Chisel has more first-party feedback collection tools than Productboard, like Surveys, Audience Panels, and more.

Unlike Productboard, Chisel's AI can automatically generate PRDs and detailed reports for every feature on your roadmap, in just seconds.

Chisel's built-in team alignment tools for collecting and managing team feedback mean you can keep all internal stakeholders on the same page.

Chisel's Feedback Portals are more customizable than Productboard's: they can support password- or email-based authentication, custom forms and themes, and iframe embedding.

Chisel offers custom views for CPOs and CMOs to see aggregated Roadmap views rolled up across different product portfolios, workspaces, value streams, and more.

Chisel's integrations with engineering tools like Jira and ADO are more powerful than Productboard's. Directly sync product hiearchies between Chisel and Jira/ADO so that parent-child relationships stay intact.

Chisel is recognized as a top player in the industry. But don't just take our word for it—see what others are saying by reading the reviews on G2 🌟

Customer Ideation
Productboard 8.0
Productboard 8.5
Ease of Use
Productboard 8.2
Quality of Support
Productboard 9.0
Product direction
Productboard 8.3
Meets requirements
Productboard 8.0

Chisel vs Productboard

AI-Powered PRD and Automated Reports
Survey & Audience Functionality
Central Product Idea Repository
Powerful Customization in Roadmap Views
Rolled up Roadmap Views for CPOs & CMOs
Powerful Jira & ADO Integration
Customer Feedback Integrations
Team Feedback Workflow
in Implementation Index for Product Management
in Usability Index for Strategy and Innovation Roadmapping Tools
in Momentum Grid® Report for Enterprise Feedback Management
in Momentum Grid® Report for Strategy and Innovation Roadmapping Tools

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