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Azure DevOps + Chisel

Push features from Chisel to Azure so that developers can build great products.


Seamless Integration Between Product and Engineering Systems



Chisel facilitates Azure DevOps integration for engineering tracklog. It provides a purpose-built system for each function. Chisel aids you in creating and prioritizing roadmaps, aligning teams, and gathering customer feedback.


Two-way Synchronization

Automatically synchronize Epics/ components and User stories/ Features across Chisel and Azure DevOps. All without disruption to the existing workflow of the engineering team.


Track Progress

Give a 360-degree view of the product team's progress to the Engineering and enable better decision-making.

If you are already using both Azure DevOps and Chisel, Chisel’s ADO integration is the perfect tool for you to ensure that work-items/issues/ are synchronized between the two platforms.

Chisel’s two-way Azure DevOps(ADO) integration allows you to preserve your existing delivery processes while using Chisel to ensure you’re crafting the perfect products for your customers.

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