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Using ADO to manage engineering work items? Chisel is your product team’s perfect companion

Manage customer discovery, product strategy, and roadmaps in Chisel while continuing to use ADO — without disrupting your existing engineering workflows.


Connect product development to product management with a two-way sync between ADO and Chisel.

Seamless Integration Between Product and Engineering Systems

Automatically sync hierarchies across Chisel and ADO

Keep all your epics, features, and backlogs straight: Chisel’s ADO integration ensures that parent-child relationships remain the same across both platforms.

Real-time bi-directional syncing for all metadata fields

No need to duplicate data entry across two tools. Chisel’s automatic two-way integration means your developers and product managers can always have the most up-to-date information on both Chisel and ADO.

Custom configuration to meet your team’s needs

Need to automatically import new items from ADO? How about managing multiple products from a single workspace? Chisel lets you configure integrations according to your team’s workflow.

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Craft amazing products with Chisel!