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Feature Treeview To Organize and Prioritize Your Product Backlog

Feature Treeview helps you break down your product into components (epics) and features (stories). A product maker can prioritize feature requests using driver values such as customer reach, customer value, revenue expected, and effort anticipated. It also allows you to tag features by objectives, releases, and more.

Track Sprints With a Release View

Determine which features to build in each sprint using our Release View. Visualize the work required in each sprint and adjust your plans to maximize the effectiveness of your product roadmap.

Agile Development With Kanban View

Agile teams and products require quick iteration. Our Kanban View Board helps you determine what should be worked on now, next, or sometime in the future.

Visualize Your Roadmap on a Timeline View

Getting a bird's eye view of product's lifecycle is important in determining what features are being developed now and when they will be launched. Our Timeline View provides you with that information in an easily digestible manner.

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