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Product management YOUR Way

You have unique needs and processes. Chisel adapts to you, not the other way round.

Trusted by 1000+ teams worldwide

PM Platform that can be fully configured to your needs

Every aspect of the Chisel platform can be tailored to your specific product management methods and processes, which maximizes ROI without impacting your existing infrastructure.

Feedback Portals

Create unlimited customer feedback portals that can be fully configured based on customer segment, including access and idea submission templates.

Score-based Roadmap

Configure every aspect of your roadmap, from the prioritization framework to your own scoring system, release methodology, revenue tracking, OKR mapping, and more.

Team Radar

Request input from your team using your preferred collaboration tools. Team Radar integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, emails, or any communication platform.


Integrate any of your existing user feedback tools to Ideabox, create custom fields and templates, and get rich feature ideas that go beyond a text box.

User Surveys

Customize the built-in survey tool to gather feedback at scale the way your customers and team members are used to.

Custom Modules

Add your own modules to Chisel to create a bespoke product management experience that only your company has access to.

Why Enterprises choose Chisel

Product Success

Chisel’s bespoke product management experience gives Enterprise customers an unmatched competitive advantage.

Higher ROI

Features with the most impact on your business get released first, maximizing the long-term success of your products.

Wider Customer Adoption

When features ship faster and with more accuracy, customer satisfaction increases and product adoption spreads.

Faster Release Views

Our interface makes comparing data between features much easier, speeding the decision-making process without losing accuracy.

Stronger Teams

We enable your entire team to stay connected to the product organization beyond scheduled meetings, making them more likely to engage.

More Time to Innovate

Spend more time in the birds-eye view, building the long term vision of your product and driving innovation to keep your edge over competitors.

We follow some of the highest security standards

We continuously invest into our product security, including secure log-on mechanisms, RBAC user model, SSO, internal data and process segmentation, state-of-the-art situational awareness monitoring, anomaly detection, and 24x7 response by our security operations team.

Chisel is SOC2 Type 2 Certified
Chisel is hosted with AWS Managed RDS
Chisel received a Pentests & Vulnerability Scanning report
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Get a 360 degree view of your organization all in one place

Chisel integrates with most of the tools Enterprise companies use to build software. Our powerful two-way integration enables Product Managers to visualize key metrics from other tools directly in Chisel, and to send important information to these platforms in real time.

Chisel isn't just a vendor, it's a partner

Optimize your workflow with a dedicated customer success manager and receive practical assistance with all aspects of your implementation. Benefit from priority support so your team can focus on crafting great products.

What Enterprise Customers Think About Chisel

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Craft amazing products with Chisel!