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Chisel Features

Along with all the core features like Roadmaping, Team Alignment and Audience Panel, you get free 100,000 customer responses for your user surveys.


Manage features, create plans, share report and align the team in an agile manner with treeview, kanban, release and timeline view.

Team Radar

Gain insight into the thoughts of your team member in order to prioritize what features to build next using the alignment matrix.

Product Feedback

Get feedback from your target audience to make data-driven decisions that reflect the needs of your customers.

Why Enterprises choose Chisel for productivity.


Optimize your workflow with a dedicated customer success manager and benefit from priority support so your team can focus on crafting great products.

Payment and Contract

You can also pay by invoice and a custom enterprise contract is included with your enterprise plan.

Chisel Integrations

Enterprise plans provide access to our full suite of integrations, including Jira, Azure DevOps, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Jira Integration

Connect your Jira Cloud or Server instance to quickly and easily import and sync issues.

Azure DevOps Integration

Connect your Azure DevOps instance to quickly and easily import and sync work items.

Slack Integration

Connect your Chisel workspace to Slack in order to notify your team of new features that need feedback.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Connect your Chisel workspace to Microsoft Teams in order to notify your team of new features that need feedback.

Zendesk Integration

Connect your Chisel workspace to Zendesk in order to notify your team of new features ideas that need feedback.

CSV Integration

Use our CSV import & export tool to easily import & export your data inside and outside Chisel.

Intercom Integration

Capture customer feedback directly into Idea Box from Intercom conversations to prioritize what to build next.

Chisel Security

At Chisel, keeping your data secure is our primary concern. While maintaining performance and the user experience as a whole, our objective is to offer a safe environment. To secure your data we have implemented:

Data encryption in transit

Data storage

High uptime and business continuity

Dedicated Onboarding

Receive practical assistance with all aspects of your implementation, including requirements formulation, solutions that are suited to your business processes, and more.


Solution Design

Workspace Build Out

Training Sessions

Integrations Setup

Go Live

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We are the primary app for Product Managers that help you move 10x faster, while saving time and money. Our customer really believe in us.

Crafting great product requires great tools.

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