Product Feedback

Direct and deep customer connection at your fingertips!

Idea Box - a Centralized Repository of All Product Feedback

Idea box helps you capture, curate, organize and prioritize your ideas. An idea can be customer feedback, a feature, or a product enhancement. It can be added manually, imported from tools like zendesk/intercom or from our Customer Feedback Portal.

Feedback Portal to Capture the Voice of Customers

Seek feedback from customers on features in your roadmap or allow them to submit brand new ideas.

Surveys - Built Right Inside Chisel to Address Common Use Cases

Our versatile survey tool helps you easily conduct pre-launch user needs assessment survey, post-launch product and usability feedback survey, and much more by using our continuously expanding library of pre-built survey templates.

Audience - a Panel to Easily Target the Right Customers

Don't have active customers to survey? Not a problem -- filter by country, age, gender, income, and more using our audience panel to precisely target your ideal user for surveys.

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