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Chisel Labs raised $1.5M pre-seed funding round to help every product organization craft amazing products for their customers

praful-chavda-leader-image  Praful Chavda, Founder and CEO   Max 3min read   January 20, 2022

Today I am thrilled to announce that Chisel has raised $1.5M in Pre-seed funding led by Array Ventures and Ridge Ventures. We are fortunate to partner with investors like Shruti Gandhi (Array Ventures) and Yousuf Khan (Ridge Ventures), who not only have a deep understanding of this space, but also share the deep conviction and passion we have for this product. The funding will help us enhance core product functionality for our customers, and continue to scale our teams and customer base.

Crafting great products requires great tools. I have been thinking about how that pertains to the Product Management role for several years now. I have been fortunate to have led Product Management teams that have shipped products to billions of users across Enterprise and Consumer spaces including Office 365, Xbox, Windows as well as products in smaller startups. All along, I have asked myself this question – do we (Product Managers) have great tools for our trade? And the answer has always been NO. I have also asked this question to many Product Management leaders across geographies, industries and company sizes with their responses indicating that this is still an “unsolved problem”.

Product management is a very difficult job. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly important in the digital world (think about the number of unicorns based on the Product Led Growth model). Given their influence, many say Product Managers are mini-CEOs of their products. They have enormous influence and several touch points, especially with internal team/stakeholders and external customers and partners. They need to synthesize data from a variety of sources, and combine that with their intuition and creativity to make great product decisions. During this process, most Product Managers use spreadsheets, slides and project management tools. Needless to say, this results in data getting buried and fragmented, loss of productivity, and waste of time. These tools are also not very conducive to collect internal team member feedback, external customer feedback, and integrate this feedback with the roadmap data.

We need a system of record for Product Managers that solves these problems. Chisel was founded to address this exact need. In addition to Roadmap creation and prioritization, Chisel provides tools to gather internal team members / stakeholders feedback as well as external customer and partner feedback. Chisel unifies the feedback with roadmap data to help Product Managers make data driven decisions. Ultimately, this results in maximizing chances of product success, while saving time and money.

This wouldn’t be possible without the support we’ve received from our customers, partners, and employees. We extend a sincere thank you to all of you for being with us since the very beginning. As we continue on our journey, we’ll be seeking talented individuals to join our mission. If you know anyone who’d fit right in, or if you’re looking for a new opportunity stop by our careers page to learn more. We’d love to hear from you!And if you are looking to try a Product Management tool, Start a free trial or request a personalized demo!

💜 Praful

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