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CSV + Chisel

Import & Export your features and ideas with Chisel’s CSV Integration.


Seamless Integration Between Product and Engineering Systems


Import Features From Spreadsheet

Easily import your fragmented data from CSV spreadsheets into Chisel using the CSV Import tool.


Export Features to Spreadsheet

Share your roadmap data with internal stakeholders by easily exporting your data from Chisel using the CSV export tool.


Import Ideas Into Idea Box

Easily import your backlog of ideas into Chisel’s Idea Box and prioritize efficiently.

Chisel’s feature import tool lets you easily import your features into Chisel’s Roadmap by mapping the columns in CSV with columns in Chisel.

Chisel’s feature export tool lets you easily export your selected features and relevant information in a downloadable CSV.

Chisel’s Idea import tool lets you easily import your Ideas into Chisel’s Idea Box by mapping the columns in CSV with Columns in Idea Box.

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