What Is DEEP Backlog? Definition and Overview

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What is DEEP Backlog?

DEEP Backlog is a high functioning product backlog. 

To ensure that the product backlog is DEEP and stays that way, you have to groom or refine it regularly. Grooming the product backlog is an ongoing, collaborative process that involves the product owner and team.

Roman Pichler, co-creator, DEEP backlog approach
  • Detailed appropriately: Backlog items should have detailed relevant information for the cross-functional team. Backlog items are tokens promising a future conversation.
  • Emergent: Product backlog evolves and new stories can be added/removed as new information arrives. It behaves like a scrum artifact.
  • Estimated: A product backlog tool blueprints development resources. So every upcoming item must be estimated for the time it will take to complete. Estimate precision depends on the item’s priority.
  • Prioritised: Items are prioritized by their value and strategic purposes that they serve. A high value means high priority.


What makes a good backlog?

A good backlog is one that has DEEP: Detailed appropriately Emergent Estimated Prioritized characteristics. DEEP is a descriptive acronym for a product backlog’s quality.

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