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Idea Box - A Centralized Repository of All Product Feedback

Understand the needs of your users to improve your product as quickly as possible.


Capture Your Team's Ideas With Idea Box

The Idea Box is a place where any member of your team can add ideas, share short descriptions and give those priority levels.

Directly Hear Your Customers' Ideas With Feedback Portal

All the ideas your customers share with you through the feedback portal are automatically stored in the idea box for future reference.

Sync Ideas From Other Tools Using Integrations

By integrating with multiple other tools, Chisel streamlines the process of identifying ideas that can enhance your product, making them readily accessible in the Idea Box.

More Idea Box Features

Link ideas to features in the roadmap and prioritize

Analyze each idea and make informed decisions

Announce product updates leading to customer delight
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in Momentum Grid® Report for Strategy and Innovation Roadmapping Tools

Craft amazing products with Chisel!