A holistic Idea management solution

Capture, curate, organize and prioritize your ideas in one place.


Idea Box

Idea Box is a one stop shop for all of the ideas that are coming from your team members and customers. It is a centralized view for all of your ideas, making it easy to develop your product and align your teams.


Feedback Portal

Feedback Portal allows you to collect ideas directly from customers, and reassures them that you are listening to them every step of the way!



With Zendesk and intercom integration, your support team can quickly push relevant support tickets and conversations into Idea Box. From there, product managers can easily link them to the related features in the roadmap, making prioritization decisions easier.

Zendesk Integration

Connect your Chisel workspace to Zendesk in order to notify your team of new features ideas that need feedback.

Intercom Integration

Capture customer feedback directly into Idea Box from Intercom conversations to prioritize what to build next.

Ideabox Features

Link ideas to features in the roadmap and prioritize

Linking the ideas directly to the features allows you easily prioritize each item and create a practical roadmap.

Analyze each idea and make informed decisions

Having the ability to analyze all of your ideas in the Idea Box helps you to make informed decisions more quickly and iterate faster.

Announce product updates leading to customer delight

Based on the prioritization of features, build the right product that will satisfy your customers.

Crafting great product requires great tools.

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