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What are Features?

Product features are the new and improved technologies in your product that make it stand out against the other same kind of products in the market. These are the traits of your product that provide a different user experience.

For example, two similar kinds of mobile phones A and B launched at the same time in the market. 

The UIs of both are essentially the same, but phone A provides facial recognition in less than a second whereas phone B provides the same in 2-3 seconds. 

The time difference between them may not seem significant, but for a user who has to choose between the two, they would most likely opt for phone A due to the quick facial recognition technology.

Hence, even a small tweak in the features of a product may lead to a considerable increase in the performance of the product in the market.


Q: What are features of a product?

A: Features of a product are the characteristics that define a product. They are what make the product and determine the functionality of the product.

Q: What is feature voting?

A: Feature voting in the context of Chisel is when the Product Owner or Product Manager adds a new feature into the roadmap and requests a vote from necessary stakeholders within the organization, providing a prioritization score. 

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