What is Intuitive? Intuitive definition, importance, and FAQs.

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What is meant by Intuitive?

Intuitive is mainly a design term. It means that as soon as the user sees a product, they know exactly what to do or how to operate it. 

An intuitive design is extremely user-friendly, being easy to use, and understand. In layman terms, it makes it accessible to a variety of users.

However, intuitive can be a fairly relative term, i.e. for some users, a design may be very easy to understand and operate while for others it may be tedious to get on board with the same design. 

More intuitive designs can be achieved by performing vast research on your target customers. This would enable you to service your core users in the best way possible. 

A core, in-depth understanding of the customers for whom you are designing this product might just be the boost your product needs to become a unicorn! 

Why are Intuitive designs important?

A lack of intuitive functionality in your product can ruin the whole user experience of a product. 

A user should be able to identify how a product works without much difficulty. A non-intuitive design could land customers in situations they don’t know how to get out of. If a user has to struggle to operate a product, chances are they could quickly switch to some other product that might be more self-explanatory.

A well-designed user interface will intuitively communicate all the information your visitors need to know, precisely when they need to know it. 

This is also extremely important for web applications or portals. They need to keep the interface intuitive so that people can work more efficiently, saving time, which, in turn, improves productivity.


Q: What are the drawbacks of having a non-intuitive interface?

A: A non-intuitive design can leave a customer confused and frustrated. This would ultimately lead to the customer switching to more accessible tools available elsewhere.

Q: How can you create an intuitive design?

A: Regular user feedback and testing of your product with varying audiences can go a long way in establishing what could be the best design suited for your product that would appeal the most to your customers.

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