What Are Product Description Sheets?

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Product Description Sheets

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What is a Product Description Sheet?

A product description sheet, often referred to as a product requirements sheet, is a document used during the product development process in order to describe what the final product will look like. It answers all the ‘wh’ questions about the product. 

It includes all the features of the product described with clarity. It also provides an overview of the design (both digital as well as physical), requirements of the raw material, engineering, and capabilities of the product. 

Product description sheets usually follow the top-down approach, which starts with the vision and ends with the accomplishment. 

What is the purpose of a Product Description Sheet?

The objective of a product description sheet is to determine the purpose and scope of the project in advance. Thus, the process is distinct as compared to ‘discovery.’ 

Product Description Sheets are not only useful for other product managers, but also to the other teams such as designers, engineers, support, sales, and marketing. 

Product description sheets can be used to transform the management team’s ideas and goals into a vision that the development team can work on. This tool makes it easier to put forward vague ideas that are difficult to implement for the development team. 

What are the key contents of the Product Description Sheet?

A Product Description Sheet is an excellent solution to put all the product requirements and rough ideas together in one document. Of course, there are also a few components that make some product description sheets more effective than others. These key contents are as follows: 

  • Overview: This section explains the consumer problem that your product solves, why your product exists, and how this relates to your vision, goals, and initiatives. 
  • Release: This section consists of the timeline of what your product will deliver and when it will deliver. Thus, there are important milestones to help everyone focus on the goal. 
  • Features: This section explains how your product needs to be built exactly by the development team and how it can be implemented. Moreover, it can also cover what is the potential of the product and what is its capability. 
  • Design: This section portrays what the features of the product will appear within the design. Visualizing user experience can help to improve their overall experience even further. Moreover, this also helps the engineering team envision what is needed to understand how exactly the product can be functionally implemented. 
  • Supported systems and Environments: This section will list what kind of system the product supports, what will be its default settings, what settings will be accessible. 

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What is a Product Description Sheet?

A Product Description Sheet, also known as Product Requirements Document (PRD), is a detailed outline used during the product development process in order to describe what the final product will look like. It answers all the ‘wh’ questions about the product.

Who can use the Product Description Sheet?

The product description sheets are primarily used by product managers. However, they can also be used by cross-functional teams such as engineers, designers, marketing, etc.

What is the difference between a Product Description Sheet and a Market Description Sheet?

Market Description Sheets document the needs, problems, and its occurrences of the customers. It is usually made before the product description sheet in order to aid the product to cater to those needs and problems.

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