What is Product marketing Manager?

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product marketing manager

Product marketing manager 

A Product Marketing Manager works on the marketing of the product. This means that the manager is responsible for presenting/introducing and advertising the product to the target market. 

Product marketing managers develop appropriate marketing strategies that are aimed at conveying the product benefits and services to the customers. 

To communicate the product values to the market is the major objective of product marketing management.

Product marketing manager supervises the sales and marketing teams. Innovate new techniques of advertisement and branding to connect with the audience (customers). 

Competence required in a Product Marketing Manager

The product marketing manager’s role has majorly four aspects on which the assigned person should be able to efficiently perform. These are: 

Marketing strategy expert

 Marketing strategy is a business’s overall plan for setting foot in the market among expected buyers and converting them into customers or regular clients of their products or services. 

The product marketing manager is expected to have insightful knowledge of all the target markets. The manager should be able to effectively execute the various marketing strategies in the different target markets. Specifically, the PMM works on market segmentation. 

Marketing expert

The product marketing manager must possess the skills to connect with the public, to specifically understand them and advertise accordingly.

Marketing program guide

Product marketing manager drafts the product positioning statement corresponding to the product value proposition collaboratively with the product manager.

Guiding the sales team

The product marketing manager must provide the necessary tools and innovative techniques that will help the sales teams to convince the consumers to buy the product.

For the above mentioned roles the product marketing manager must have good communication skills, collaborative skills and research skills.

Tasks of a product marketing manager

Product marketing manager heads the positioning, branding, and messaging of the product. 

They also analyse the user feedback and reviews to align the future marketing projects on the user experience. 

Tasks of a product marketing manager can be marked into three levels: 

  • Acquisition – spread your product’s name in the target market. Attract customer’s attention, publicity of the product. 
    Modes- social media, newsletters, web articles.
  • Engagement – engagement with the interested public.
    Modes- events, campaigns, offers, etc.
  • Retention or conversion – the public attention that has been garnered is now expected to pay-off. Make them buyers or subscribers.


What does a product marketing manager deliver?

The product marketing manager usually works to provide documents and presentations majorly on – 

(i) Market strategies

(ii) Launch plan

(iii) Marketing plan

What experience and knowledge is required for a product marketing manager role?

Major knowledge set includes – PMM should be able to analyze data on sales, channelize information, implement improvement methods for sales. 

Generate positioning statements.

Develop and advance market segmentation.

What is the difference between a Product Manager and a Product Marketing Manager?

Product Manager works on the aspects of a product’s creation and development. 

This involves feature management, development process, prototyping, needfinding, etc. 

Whereas a product marketing manager’s job is to make and implement marketing strategies to encourage and enhance product sales. This involves product promotion, advertising, product positioning, etc.

What is the difference between a Marketing Manager and Product Marketing Manager?

Product marketing manager’s job is to communicate with the public and advertise the product based on current trends and specific market factors. While a marketing manager’s job is more generalized, like conducting promotional activities and brand awareness.

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