Product Tree: A Quick Guide

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Product Tree

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What is a Product Tree?

A product tree is a visual gamifying tool for product management. The ideas and resources are arranged like a tree with all its leaves whilst the branches and trunk represent different ideas and their prioritization. 

Like the roots of a tree provide nourishment to the tree, similarly a product tree roots represent resources and technical requirements responsible for functioning of the product. The branches main functions are performed and leaves on the branches are different ideas that are applied to the function.

The product tree is a depiction of the hierarchy of sub-projects, features, and ideas needed to work on to complete a project.

What is ‘Prune the Product tree’?

It is the product tree game or framework in which you implement the concept of a product tree. Pruning the tree is the gamification of product management.  Basically, working on a product tree is called pruning the product tree. Components of the tree are- 

Trunk: core features of the product that are currently in effect.

Branches: new features that are or can be incorporated.

Leaves: individual ideas regarding the features.

Root: technical resource requirements that support the whole project. 

So when the team members prune the tree, what they do is put and arrange these components in the Product Tree template according to their ideas and vision. 

This promotes individual inputs and ideas. The team thinks about how to grow the product. Then they work on arranging and rearranging the tree (features and ideas) to come to a collaborative conclusion and get a visual layout of the project.

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Why is this product template called a tree?

It is a virtual tree-like model having roots, branches, trunk and leaves which represents various features, ideas, and resources of the project arranged to signify hierarchy of priorities.

What is pruning the product tree?

The implementation of the product tree concept is called pruning the product tree. The tree template is designed with all its components, then every individual member of the team puts forward their ideas and vision and rearranges the tree, by assigning priorities to the elements (features, ideas, resources) in the tree hierarchy.

Benefits of Product Tree for the team?

It’s a collaborative activity, promoting team building besides developing individual skills and thought processes. All members get to showcase their vision to the team and get to learn more about the product and the company’s ideology.

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