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Zapier + Chisel

Automate workflows, supercharge productivity with Zapier & Chisel.


Breaking down silos, building seamless product experiences



Chisel and Zapier unlock the power of automation, connecting your product roadmap to a universe of tools you already use. Streamline processes, eliminate friction, and boost your team's efficiency.


Triggers & Actions

Design custom Zaps to automatically update roadmaps from new customer feedback, prioritize features based on external data and keep everyone in sync with real-time progress updates.


Effortless Scalability

Automate the mundane and focus on your product vision. No custom code and endless possibilities.

Don't let manual tasks clog your workflow! Chisel and Zapier empower your team to focus on what matters most. Seamlessly connect your product roadmap to the rest of your tech stack, eliminating manual updates and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

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in Momentum GridĀ® Report for Strategy and Innovation Roadmapping Tools

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