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Zendesk + Chisel

Capture customer feedback into Idea Box via Zendesk.


Transform Zendesk Tickets Into Ideas in Chisel


Integrate With Chisel

Push Zendesk tickets as Ideas directly into Chisel’s Idea Box.


Segregate and Analyze Ideas

Assign and rank ideas in order of importance so that the team can easily prioritize.


Link Ideas to Features

Linking your ideas directly to your features allows you to create a more in sync roadmap.

If you are already using Zendesk for customer communication, Chisel’s Zendesk integration is the best tool to capture feedback, feature requests and product enhancement from customers so that customers voices remain heard.

With Chisel-Zendesk integration, your support team can easily push relevant support tickets into Chisel’s Idea Box. From there, product managers can easily link them to the related features in the roadmap, making prioritization decisions easier.

You can either push all tickets to Chisel or apply custom tags and push selected tickets into Chisel.

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