8 Best AI-Powered Product Management Tools In 2024

AI-Powered Product Management Tools

At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next ten years if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies- John Chambers, Executive Chairman, Cisco Systems.

With 58% of all jobs expected to involve significant augmentation by artificial intelligence, according to the World Economic Forum, AI is transforming the way we work now more than ever. 

Product managers leverage cutting-edge technologies to develop offerings that delight customers. However, sifting through vast troves of data and quickly testing new ideas alone is a monumental task, even for the most experienced PM. That’s where AI-powered product management tools come in.

A shortlist of 8 best AI product management tools we are going to explore:

  1. Chisel Best for Product Managers
  2. Notion Best for Task Management
  3. ClickUp Best for Simplifying Workflow Management
  4. Zendesk Best for Customer Service
  5. Mixpanel Best for Product Analytics
  6. UnbounceBest For A/B testing
  7. LooppanelBest For User Research
  8. UizardBest For Prototyping

What are AI Product Management Tools?

Managing AI products is a challenging feat these days. Things are moving at lightning speed in the world of artificial intelligence. New datasets, algorithms, and features emerge daily! No one person can keep up with all the changes.

Don’t even get us started on trying to juggle documentation, gather customer feedback, and map out plans. So what do you do?

Thank goodness AI product management tools exist to lend a helping hand.

Unlike traditional project management software, these tools pack some artificial severe intelligence under the hood. 

  • Rather than just displaying tasks in a list, they scan code commits to autogenic docs as things change. Pretty handy.
  • Our favorite part is how they analyze customer comments. With some fancy sentiment analysis, tools can spot initially obscure trends. That helps ensure the team stays focused on what matters to users.
  • Predictive analytics and AI-assisted roadmapping also provide a significant assist. Based on past metrics, these features estimate timelines and resource needs. Then, as new factors emerge, plans adapt autonomously. No more overly rigid planning!

AI product management tools take a ton of repetitive tasks off our plates. That frees the team up to get creative and strategic. These days, in the evolving tech environment, having tools like the remarkable AI Text Generator and many more new age AI tools in our back pocket is essential for keeping up!

Keep reading and we have some awesome AI product management tools for you.

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Our List of 8 Best AI Product Management Tools

1. Chisel

Best for Product Managers

Hey, fellow product folks, are you tired of juggling a million different tools to manage your work? Let us tell you that we have this incredible platform called Chisel that can completely transform your way of working.

Chisel gives you a single place to collect requirements, track tasks, build spectacular roadmaps, and gather customer feedback. What’s great is how it drives collaboration – any stakeholder can comment on items or see what others focus on. It’s made coordinating so much simpler.

But wait, it gets even better. Chisel has excellent AI features that analyze everything you’re working on and recommend what to prioritize next. No more endless debates! It integrates smoothly with all my team’s tools, so everything runs smoothly.

It’s hands down the most powerful and user-friendly PM solution. Any serious product team needs Chisel in their toolkit.

Chisel Key Features:

Chisel AI is an AI-powered product management tool that helps organizations understand user needs through advanced feedback analysis. A central required capability in effective product discovery is thorough user research and feedback, an area where Chisel excels. 

Some critical features of Chisel AI include

Chisel AI's automated system categorizes feedback effortlessly, organizing product insights at scale.
Chisel AI classifies thousands of feedback tickets in seconds, simplifying the organization of product insights.
  • Automatic Feedback Classification: Chisel AI can automatically categorize large volumes of customer and user feedback tickets using relevant tags and categories. It allows product teams to organize insights and understand user needs at scale efficiently.
Chisel AI synthesizes thousands of related feedback tickets, identifying new features or user stories from customer input
Chisel AI streamlines the synthesis of thousands of customer feedback tickets on similar topics, helping to uncover new features or user stories.
  • Feedback Synthesis: The tool synthesizes thousands of similar feedback tickets on a given topic to identify common themes and patterns. It helps product managers spot new feature opportunities and enhancements.
  • Instant Documentation: Chisel AI instantly generates detailed feature specifications, requirements, and documentation by analyzing all associated metadata and content from synthesized feedback. It saves significant documentation time for product teams.
  • Enterprise Security: User data and feedback shared with Chisel AI is secure and private. No data is shared externally or used for separate model training, ensuring proprietary information remains safe.
  • Continuous Insights: As more feedback flows in over time, Chisel AI provides ongoing insights into changing user needs and priorities to shape roadmap and backlog decisions.
  • Expedited Innovation: By systematically uncovering actionable findings from user research at scale, Chisel AI helps organizations rapidly innovate, test, and discover the most valuable new products and features to pursue.

Chisel Pricing:

  • A free forever version is available.
  • Premium Plan: $49 per month if billed annually.
  • Enterprise Plan: $99 per month if billed annually. 

Interested in gaining a better understanding of AI product management with Chisel? Take a product tour with us! Click on the link here!

Chisel Customer Reviews

Chisel has garnered an overall 4.8/5 customer rating on G2.

Read our complete guide on AI product management.

2. Notion

Best for Getting Knowledge, Answers, and Ideas

How can busy knowledge workers like you and Us get answers to our most pressing questions faster and easier than ever before? If accessing insights from all our notes, projects, and documents seems impossible, take heart – innovative new tools are here to help.

Notion, one of the leading work management platforms, just upped their game by introducing Notion AI – an artificial intelligence integrated directly into the software. 

To summarize some key points for our busy readers, AI aims to transform Notion from a simple organization tool into an actual collective brain and knowledge base. The valuable lessons from past projects will no longer be lost amongst our scattered documents. 

Notion Key Features:

  • Centralize All Your Information: Notion allows you to combine files, notes, wiki pages, drawings, and more into one central workspace. Keep your research, documentation, brainstorms, and projects accessible from anywhere in one searchable place.
  • Ask Notion AI Any Question: With a few keystrokes, leverage Notion AI to get fast answers to questions by scanning your entire database. The intelligent assistant analyzes all stored information to surface relevant insights and ideas.
  • Visualize Your Data: Turn tabs of notes and lists into visually compelling Kanban boards, calendars, and databases with flexible formatting options. Filter, sort, and query data quickly to reveal patterns and next steps.
  • Collaborate in Real-Time: Work simultaneously with teammates in a shared workspace thanks to multi-user support @mention others, assign tasks, comment, and embed files inline so everyone stays looped in.
  • Build Dynamic Views and Pages: Construct customizable, linked views of related information using a flexible block system. Flip between presentations, timelines, and more with a few clicks.
  • Going Beyond Notes: With tools for outlining, task management, and databases – Notion excels at more than document storage. It helps synthesize learnings into living knowledge resources.

Notion Pricing:

  • Free plan
  • Plus: $10 per user per month
  • Business: $18 per user/month
  • AI: $8 per user extra per month
  • Enterprise: Request demo
  • Enterprise: Request demo

Notion Customer Reviews

Notion has garnered an overall 4.7/5 customer rating on G2.

3. ClickUp

Best for Simplifying Workflow Management

Are you spending too much time on repetitive tasks instead of high-impact work as a PM? From status reports to meeting notes to project documentation, mundane “busywork” eats up weekly hours.

ClickUp’s new AI writing tool promises to do just that by automating routine jobs like summarization, action item generation, and formatting.

This is no average text producer powered by deep learning on many of business docs. Its conversational tone and customized responses based on your content spark creativity rather than hinder it. 

By learning how its advanced natural language capabilities simplify complex work, you’ll understand how the AI could help take your productivity and focus to new heights.

ClickUp Key Features:

  • Brainstorming Partner for Ideation: Feeling drained of new concepts, but a deadline is looming? Get an inside look at how the AI coaches itself to freely generate everything from survey questions to marketing taglines on demand.
  • Collaboration for Remote Teams: See precisely how one energy startup uses the tool  to foster tighter collaboration despite being fully distributed. Its summary bots keep everyone aligned.
  • Customized For Your Unique Workflow: Whether an Agile-based scaled company or a tight-knit startup, learn how this software configures your methods through role-based tools and integrations.
  • Evolution Engine for Maturing Products: See how the tool helps companies refine their offering over many sprints using AI-aided user research, feedback analytics, and continual refinement of future visions.

ClickUp Pricing: 

  • Free plan 
  • Unlimited: $5 per month/user
  • Business: $12 per month/user
  • Business Plus: $19 per month/user
  • Enterprise: Available on contact 

ClickUp Customer Reviews

ClickUp has garnered an overall 4.7/5 customer rating on G2.

4. Zendesk

Best for Customer Service 

Do your customers have to wait too long for an answer or contact multiple departments when they reach out for help? As a product leader, ensuring quick issue resolution across channels is crucial, but it can feel impossible some days.

Zendesk’s unified omnichannel platform streamlines communications using AI for a seamless experience. 

Understanding how the tool simplifies complex support workflows, you’ll see why it is a great for businesses serious about customer service excellence.

Zendesk Key Features:

  • Unifying Customer Conversations: Zendesk brings support across channels into one organized system. Features like intuitive tracking give agents full context and empower them to solve issues seamlessly.
  • Empowering Agents With AI Assistants: The tool’s AI-powered features, like recommendations and automation, boost productivity by cutting out repetitive tasks. Agents can focus on high-impact work to deliver standout service.
  • Optimizing Service From Every Angle: The in-depth analytics software provides to glean strategic insights can greatly help product managers. It helps businesses continuously enhance customer and agent experiences based on trends.
  • Strengthening Team Collaboration: Software’s shared access and integrated communication streamline collaboration internally and externally. Which, in turn, helps teams work together efficiently.

Zendesk Pricing:

For Service:

  • Basic Plan: Starts at US$ 19
  • Suite Team: US$ 55/ agent/month
  • Suite Growth: US$ 89/ agent/month
  • Suite Professional: US$ 115/ agent/month
  • Suite Enterprise: available on contact.

For Sales:

  • Sell Team: US$ 19/ agent/month
  • Sell Growth: US$ 55/ agent/month
  • Sell Professional: US$ 115/ agent/month

Zendesk Customer Reviews

Zendesk has garnered an overall 4.3/5 customer rating on G2.

5. Mixpanel

Best for Product Analytics

Have you ever wondered how successful companies turn user behavior data into actionable insights? As the saying goes, you can’t improve what you don’t measure – but making sense of massive analytics datasets is complex. 

Mixpanel is a great tool for product analytics, helping many businesses uncover valuable lessons from their user data to enhance digital offerings.

The software gives product managers powerful yet easy-to-use features through their customizable platform to track metrics, perform segmentation, and run multivariate tests. This helps optimize everything from website conversions to app stickiness. 

Mixpanel Key Features:

  • Automated Insights Generation: Leverage natural language queries to have Mixpanel’s AI assistant Spark instantly visualize your data through polished reports. Simply ask questions in plain English to get answers.
  • Advanced Analytics Made Accessible: Spark performs sophisticated analyses that require technical expertise, like attribute bucketing, cohort studies, and behavioral segmentation. Its automated insights remove barriers to data-driven decisions.
  • Transparency in Analytical Work: Generated reports by Spark can be fully explored and edited, providing transparency into its query building and metric/dimension selections. Leverage its lead and further refine findings.

Mixpanel Pricing:

  • Starter: Free
  • Growth: $20+ per month
  • Enterprise: $833+ per month

Mixpanel Customer Reviews

Mixpanel has garnered a 4.6/5 customer rating on G2.

6. Unbounce

Best for A/B testing

So,! Have you ever struggled to determine which landing page version works best for your campaigns? 

Not sure? We’ll keep reading 

As you know, testing page variations is crucial for optimization, but it can be a hassle. That’s where Unbounce’s AI comes in – it automates the whole A/B testing process so you can quickly identify high-converting pages. Within a few days of testing, the platform analyzes traffic and recommends which page to focus our efforts on.

No more guessing at what works! The software reliably shows  statistically significant winners so you can put energy into scaling up the best-performing pages. 

Automated testing is a total game-changer for marketers. It saves so much time versus manual splitting and analyzing.

Unbounce Key Features:

Here are some critical features of Unbounce as told by a satisfied customer:

  • Automated A/B Testing – Unbounce uses AI to automatically test our landing page variations so we don’t have to spend hours setting it up manually. We can launch more tests with less effort.
  • Personalized Tips – As we design, the platform analyzes our page and provides specific tweaks to boost engagement even more. It’s like having an optimization expert by our side.
  • Intuitive Builder – Creating high-quality pages is easy with the tool’s simple drag-and-drop interface. No coding skills are needed, so anyone in the team can build.

All in all, Unbounce is a great AI testing tools out there. 

Unbounce Pricing:

  • Launch: $99 per month
  • Optimize: $145 per month
  • Accelerate: $240 per month
  • Concierge: $649 per month

Unbounce Customer Reviews

Unbounce has garnered a 4.4/5 customer rating on G2.

7. Looppanel

Best for User Research

Any user researcher knows the struggle of wading through piles of research data after hours of calls and tests. Transcribing audio is tedious, analyzing messy notes takes ages, and essential insights can slip through the cracks.

Looppanel is the ultimate tool for that. As a new AI-powered platform built with workloads in mind, it aims to take the heaviest lifting off our plates.

Streamlining the tasks typically requiring days of  time, Looppanel could reshape how efficiently insights are uncovered. Its vision of an AI-powered solution complementing the team’s expertise excites us.

Looppanel Key Features:

  • Intelligent Transcriptions – The AI delivers incredibly accurate transcripts. With support for 8 languages, you’ll save vast amounts of time not having to transcribe interviews manually.
  • Note-taking Assistant – Don’t worry about missing insights – the virtual assistant is on it. It attentively takes notes so you can focus on facilitating fruitful discussions.
  • Clip Creator – Want to highlight a specific user frustration point? Looppanel allows quick and easy clipping of relevant segments straight from calls.
  • Remote Collaboration – Location is no longer a barrier to collaborating with your team. Share clips and thoughts and have real-time discussions all in Looppanel.

Looppanel Pricing:

  • Solo: $20 per month
  • Pro: $350 per month
  • Business: $1000 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom

Looppanel Customer Reviews

Looppanel has garnered a 4.8/5 customer rating on G2.

8. Uizard

Best for Prototyping

Bringing an idea to life takes time, effort, and resources. As creators, we always look for streamlined ways to transform concepts into convincing prototypes without compromising quality or collaborative spirit. This is where Uizard truly shines.

What we particularly appreciate about the tool is that it thoughtfully brings the entire team along the prototyping journey through built-in collaboration features. Every change, addition, or suggestion is captured in comment threads for transparent discussion. Live previews keep stakeholders updated. Concepts can be socialized, iterated, and improved on as a group rather than trapping ideas in single perspectives.

Uizard Key Features:

Some critical features make Uizard a great AI-powered prototyping tool:

  • Rapid Prototyping – Leverage templates and pre-built components to transform ideas into interactive prototypes in no time.
  • Cross-Platform Design- Templates ensure seamless user experiences across websites, mobile apps, and tablets.
  • AI-Powered Flexibility- Tools like generating UI from text or wireframing from sketches automate repetitive early tasks.
  • Developer-Optimized Output- Final prototypes export clean, optimized code for a smooth handoff to engineering teams.
  • Iterative Refinement- Powerful prototyping capabilities help evolve initial concepts into refined assets for user testing.

Uizard Pricing:

  • Free: $0 per Creator per month
  • Pro: $12 per Creator per month
  • Business: $49 per Creator per month

Uizard Customer Reviews

Uizard has garnered a 4.2/5 customer rating on G2.

Comparison Table

To facilitate quick comprehension, we have condensed the information into a well-organized table for your convenience.

ToolFeaturesStarting PriceOverall Rating
ChiselAutomatic Feedback Classification, Feedback Synthesis, Instant Documentation, Enterprise Security, Continuous Insights, Expedited Innovation$49 per user per month billed annually4.8/5
NotionCentralize All Your Information, Ask Notion AI Any Question, Leverage Templates and Integrations, Visualize Your Data, Collaborate in Real-Time, Build Dynamic Views and Pages, Going Beyond Notes.
AI: $8 per user extra per month4.7/5
ClickUpProject Management Magic in Seconds, A 24/7 Brainstorming Partner for Ideation, Collaboration Catalyst for Remote Teams, Customized For Your Unique Workflow, Creative Accelerator in Disguise, Paves the Road for Strategic Insights,and Evolution Engine for Maturing Products.Enterprise: Available on contact4.7/5
ZendeskUnifying Customer Conversations, Empowering Agents With AI Assistants, Personalizing Experiences At Scale, Optimizing Service From Every Angle, Strengthening Team Collaboration, Simplifying Integrations And Customization, Accommodating Diverse Business Needs.Enterprise: Available on contact4.3/5
MixpanelAutomated Insights Generation with Spark, Advanced Analytics Made Accessible, Transparency into Analytical Work, Continuous Improvement through Feedback, Accelerated Exploration & Discovery, Collaborative Analytics Simplified.Enterprise: $833+ per month4.6/5
UnbounceAutomated A/B Testing, Personalized Tips, Intuitive Builder, Data Insights, Scalable Support.Concierge: $649 per month4.4/5
LooppanelIntelligent Transcriptions, Note-taking Assistant, Clip Creator, Central Hub, Remote Collaboration, Impactful Reporting, Streamlined Process.Business: $1000 per month4.8/5
UizardIntuitive Interface, Rapid Prototyping, Cross-Platform Design, AI-Powered Flexibility, Real-Time Collaboration, Developer-Optimized Output, Iterative Refinement.Business: $49 per Creator per month4.2/5

Getting Started With Chisel

As a product manager, one of your main jobs is roadmapping, team alignment, understanding your users deeply, and identifying opportunities to improve their experience. However, making sense of this can be tedious and overwhelming without the right tools. This is where Chisel excels, as it offers everything in one place. Additionally, using cutting-edge AI to automate feedback analysis at scale can help you create high-quality, user-centric products in no time.

Chisel is one of the best AI product management tools because it lets you quickly gather all user feedback from different sources directly in the app. Its powerful AI then works by categorizing, synthesizing, and documenting insights from thousands of data points. It gives you crystal-clear visibility into emerging trends, pain points, and feature requests – saving you hours of manual sorting and analysis.

Here are three key sections to explore when starting with Chisel:

  • Discover Chisel’s Core Features in the Product Tour: Do you want a quick overview of Chisel’s main capabilities? Take a quick guided tour to learn about its three pillars of product management – roadmaps, team alignment, and customer feedback. See how Chisel’s tools help bring structure and clarity to your process.
  • Follow the Step-by-Step Quick Start Guide: Eager to dive in and set up your products. Chisel has a handy setup guide to walk you through uploading your first projects, components, and features. Learn how to track progress using Kanban boards and releases so your team stays on the same page.
  • Additional Tips and Resources at Your Fingertips: Once you understand Chisel’s basics, bookmark their helpful tips page for future reference. It answers many common questions to provide extra guidance down the road. You can also watch tutorial videos demonstrating real examples of Chisel in practice for visual learners.

Whether new to Chisel or looking to refresh your knowledge, this “Getting Started” section outlines the main steps to understanding the platform’s functionality and potential. Feel free to request clarification on any part of the onboarding process.

Sign up for Chisel’s Free Forever Version here.

Crafting great product requires great tools. Try Chisel today, it's free forever.