What Is Persona? [Definition and Meaning]

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What Is a Persona?

Product managers need to make informed decisions about their customers, things they need in the product, and how their product can provide a solution. 

Personas are fictional characters that resemble the profile of the product’s typical customer and help product managers make these decisions and guide how the team will build features that customers love.

Why Should You Use Personas?

If an organization designs and releases a product without an in-depth understanding of who their consumer is, what problems they have, and how their product will solve for them, it is more likely to fail rather than succeed.

A product is built to solve specific problems for specific groups of people in specific aspects of their lives. 

This requires a thorough understanding of: what excites them, what challenges they face, what goals they have, how they view themselves, what types of messages they find persuasive, etc.

One of the first steps in designing any successful product is to learn about the people who will eventually represent its target buyer or user, which is where personas come in.

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How to create a Persona?

A team can gather information about their typical buyer by conducting face-to-face reviews with their buyers, analyzing them, and studying analytics, which offers insights into different user behavior. 

Similar kinds of users can be segmented into groups, and for each group, a persona can be created.

What are the different kinds of persona?

Different types of personas include user persona, buyer persona, decision-maker persona, and customer persona.

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