What is an Iteration? Iteration definition and FAQs

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What is an Iteration?

An iteration, in an agile software development environment, is a set amount of time reserved solely for development.

Iterations are generally short but may vary depending on the complexity of the project. While most of the iterations last 1-2 weeks, some may go as long as 4 weeks. 

Any agile product typically has a series of iterations with the duration of each iteration having been agreed upon at the start by the whole team.

Based on velocity and the work remaining, the fixed length of iterations gives teams a simple way to obtain a fairly accurate estimate of the project’s remaining duration.


Q: What is the purpose of iterations?

A: Iterations provide a regular, predictable cadence for teams to produce an increment of value, as well as refine those previously developed features.

Q: What is an Iteration planning meeting?

A: Iteration Planning is an event where the team members discuss and analyze the amount of Team Backlog they can commit to delivering before the commencement of any Iteration.

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