What is a Buyer Persona? Points to consider in making buyer persona and FAQs.

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buyer persona

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What is a Buyer Persona? 

Buyer persona is a descriptive profile of a representation of buyers made by the company that includes specific data of the buyer that can be used to enhance the marketing strategies. 

A buyer persona is not the same as user persona, in case of buyer persona, it is not necessary that the buyer will also be the end-user of the product. 

Buyer persona helps more in marketing strategies. For the product development process, user personas are specifically helpful. 

Considerable points while making buyer persona 

(i) Do in-depth audience research– this involves data compilation on current and potential buyers. Data may be categorized on the basis of age, location, language, buying patterns, likes and dislikes, issues.

(ii) Acknowledge the buyer’s issues and challenges and what the buyer wants. 

(iii) Why the buyer is buying. 

(iv) How the product fulfills the buyer’s needs. 


Q: What is a buyer persona?

A: A buyer persona is a template that contains information on the buyers of a product. The information involves purchasing behavior, wants, challenges, age, location, language, etc. 

Q: How is it different from user persona? 

A: Buyer persona revolves around the buyers only. That means it focuses on the factors that lead them to buy the product even if they aren’t gonna use it for themselves. User persona on the other hand has more to focus on the end user’s experience with the product. 

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