What is Continuous deployment? Continuous deployment explanation and FAQs.

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continuous deployment

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Continuous Deployment 

Continuous deployment is an agile-inspired method. It is a software release process. The objective is to reduce the time taken for software to advance from initial coding to market launch.

Continuous deployment is a phase of the continuous delivery pipeline where all the alterations to the source code are automatically deployed to the production.

With continuous deployment, all the alterations that have gone through every level of the production pipeline is released to your customers. 

It promotes A/B testing and experimentation. The company aims to target customers with specific functionality.

The practices of continuous deployment involve test driven development, single method of deployment, automated testing, and automated releases.


Q: What is the difference between continuous deployment and continuous delivery? 

A: In continuous delivery, the entire software release process is automated. Continuous deployment is a stage of continuous delivery where each change in the source code gets automatically deployed to the production.

Q: What is the importance of continuous deployment?

A: It speeds up the software development process. 
Enhances the quality of services.
The process is transparent providing visibility into the software’s progress and the costs involved.
User experience improves as small and frequent changes are made which are easy to learn for the users.

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