What is a Program Manager? Definition and FAQs.

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What is a Program Manager?

A Program Manager is a project-management professional whose job is to reconcile multiple projects, teams, and other initiatives across an organization and give strategic guidance to an organization’s project managers.

Program Managers vs Project Managers

Program Managers oversee and coordinate a group of projects linked to each other whereas project managers are generally responsible for individual projects.

Program Managers strategically analyze the benefits and pitfalls of each individual project with a bigger goal in mind. Therefore, most of their concerns are long-term and strategic in nature while for a project manager, they are majorly short-term and tactical.


Q: What skills are required to be a Program Manager?

A: Good communication skills, conflict resolution skills, patience, leadership skills, good risk assessment, and adaptability to an uncertain environment are some of the skills required for a good Program Manager.

Q: How much does a Program Manager make?

A: According to the website Glassdoor.com, an average Program manager makes about $95,455 per year.

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