What is Pair Programming? Definition and FAQs.

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pair programming

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What is Pair Programming?

Pair Programming is a software development technique in agile in which two programmers work together on a single workstation. While one programmer, called the developer, writes the code, the other programmer, called the observer or navigator, reviews each line of code as it is typed.

If the two programmers work together efficiently, it can significantly reduce the development time, improve code quality, and decrease human error.

In pair programming, the programmers may also choose to swap roles every few minutes just to keep things fresh and lively. It also helps the programmers share their knowledge with each other by providing continuous feedback and insights on the code.


Q: What are the benefits of pair programming?

A: Pair Programming helps reduce mistakes, increase code quality, learning, and improve team morale.

Q: What are the two programmers in pair programming called?

A: The programmer writing the code is called the developer while the programmer reviewing the code and providing feedback is called the observer or the navigator.

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