What is a Release Plan? Key Aspects of a Release Plan

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What is a Release Plan?

Release plan is a way to communicate the details of the features in  a product’s upcoming release or series of releases. It is most often used by product development teams and managers and often is strategic in nature. 

It ‘acts’ as a project plan that breaks bigger goals into smaller achievable ones in order to make progress for the upcoming release. The release plan usually lasts for a short duration.

What are the key aspects of a Release Plan? 

A Release Plan often has very specific details such as resource allocation, direction, tasking team members, and stages of development along with milestones.

It is often confused with a product plan. However, the key difference between the both, is that the product plan is much broader while the release plan is very specific.


Q: What is the difference between Product Plan and Release plan?

A: A product plan is a broad strategic plan for the overall product and its development milestones. On the other hand, the Release plan is very specific to certain features and details for an upcoming release or series of releases. 

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