What is a Use Case? Definition, FAQs.

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What is the Use Case?

A use case is a series of interactions that take place between a role and a system in order to achieve a particular goal. In simple terms, when the user uses the product or interacts with the system, it is called a Use Case. 

All of the functions carried out by the user and the performance of the system is detailed and recorded by the use case. 

Usually, Use Cases detail only a single function or event of the product. When there are multiple functions or events to be detailed, they are called a scenario. This way forward, the scenario can illustrate the story and give a gist of an event or events. 


Q: What is an example of a use case?

A: For instance, if you are a baker who wants to bake a cake, the series of events you undertake to accomplish the goal and the systems that you interact with will be part of a detailed Use Case. 

Q: What are the benefits of a use case?

A: A use case helps to improve the user interaction and user experience because it maps out the journey a particular user undertakes in order to carry out a function. Thus, it helps to identify errors and debug for a smoother experience. 

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