What is Business Intelligence? Definition and FAQs.

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business intelligence

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What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Business Intelligence refers to the gathering and analysis of information and data relevant to your organization’s growth. 

In today’s market, every organization’s success is dependent on its data. The more accurate, in-depth data an organization has, the easier it becomes for them to make well-informed strategic decisions.

As part of the Business Intelligence process, organizations may collect data from internal IT systems, market sentiment analysis, user research, industry systems, etc. The sources of collection of data may vary based on your industry, product, customer base, or some other factor.

The ultimate goal of any BI initiative is to enable an organization to make better decisions that lead to better revenue generation and a much-satisfied customer base.


Q: What is a Business Intelligence Analyst?

A: A business intelligence analyst term used to refer to a person in charge of processing and analyzing the data received from various sources.

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