What is User Flow? Definition, examples, and FAQs.

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What is User Flow?

User Flow is defined as the path taken by a prototypical user to complete a task. The user flow begins from an entry point and guides the user through a series of steps towards the successful completion of a final outcome, such as a signup or a purchase.

User Flow allows designers to optimize and evaluate the user experience which could ultimately increase client conversion rates.

Examples of User Flow

User flow can vary based on the type of website or product you are designing. For example, the user flow for an eCommerce website would go something like this:

  1. The user starts on the homepage.
  2. They select a category.
  3. They select a product.
  4. Add the product to the cart.
  5. The user checks out.
  6. They complete the purchase.

The above example is highly simplified and an ideal case. In reality, a user may browse through different categories before selecting a product and adding it to the cart. The purpose of User Flow is to just highlight what could be the most common path to purchase among the users.

Improvements on the user flow can be made by analyzing what the user wants and needs. Because user flows can be different for every user, they are often modeled as flow charts. Designers need to keep exploring different user flows to make the site more intuitive and easy for users to understand.


Q: What is a user task flow?

A: Task flow is a single flow completed in the same way by all the users for any specific action.

Q: What is a user flow diagram?

A: User flow diagrams are representations of paths taken by the user to perform a task on any website or application. They are generally modeled by flow charts representing all the steps a user performs from entry point to final action.

Q: How can user flow impact SEO?

A: A good user flow helps to increase the time spent by users on your site or app, increases conversion rates, and reduces bounce rates which help in increasing the SEO rankings of your site. 

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