8 Best AI-Powered Product Discovery Tools In 2024

Best AI-Powered Product Discovery Tools In 2024

AI and machine learning are transforming how consumers find and research products online. As the volume of products and data explodes, companies increasingly rely on artificial intelligence to help users discover relevant items.

The following are five leading AI-powered product discovery tools that leverage computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning algorithms to surface personalized and insightful recommendations.

What Is an AI Product Discovery Tool?

An AI product discovery tool is a modern technology that uses artificial intelligence to help people find products they love. Powered by advanced algorithms and data analysis, these tools intelligently search through huge amounts of information to understand customer preferences better. They then apply those insights to enhance how businesses present their products online. 

These tools analyze user behavior patterns to customize catalog layouts and recommendations. This boosts customer engagement by surfacing offerings customers are most interested in.

By quickly digesting and learning from massive data sets, these solutions provide valuable market insights for companies. They reveal untapped customer needs and give direction for new product strategies. AI-powered product discovery equips businesses with actionable recommendations based on real user preferences and browsing habits. This helps optimize business decisions around product selection, design, and development.

8 Best AI Product Discovery Tools

  1. Chisel– Best for Product Managers
  2. Pendo– Best for Product Analytics
  3. Maze– Best for User Research
  4. Vue.ai– Best for Ecommerce Businesses
  5. Contentsquare– Best for Customer Journey Mapping
  6. Lucidworks– Best for Personalization
  7. ViSenze– Best for Identifying Gaps In Customer Funnel
  8. UserTesting– Best for Market Research

1. Chisel

Best for Product Managers

Product managers often struggle with clunky tools that waste their time and resources, slowing innovation and customer adoption. Chisel changes the game by being an all-in-one platform built by PMs for PMs. It replaces the fragmented landscape with a single app that helps you build roadmaps, gather feedback, and align your team, freeing up your time and energy to focus on what truly matters: driving innovation and delighting your customers.

Chisel Key Features

Chisel AI is an AI-powered product discovery tool that helps organizations understand user needs through advanced feedback analysis. A major required capability in effective product discovery is thorough user research and feedback, an area where Chisel excels. 

Some of the critical features of Chisel AI include:

Chisel AI's automated system categorizes feedback effortlessly, organizing product insights at scale.
Chisel AI classifies thousands of feedback tickets in seconds, simplifying the organization of product insights.
  • Automatic Feedback Classification: Chisel AI can automatically categorize large volumes of customer and user feedback tickets using relevant tags and categories. It allows product teams to organize insights and understand user needs at scale efficiently.
Chisel AI synthesizes thousands of related feedback tickets, identifying new features or user stories from customer input
Chisel AI streamlines the synthesis of thousands of customer feedback tickets on similar topics, helping to uncover new features or user stories
  • Feedback Synthesis: The tool synthesizes thousands of similar feedback tickets on a given topic to identify common themes and patterns. It helps product managers spot new feature opportunities and enhancements.
  • Instant Documentation: Chisel AI instantly generates detailed feature specifications, requirements, and documentation by analyzing all associated metadata and content from synthesized feedback. It saves significant documentation time for product teams.
  • Enterprise Security: User data and feedback shared with Chisel AI is secure and private. No data is shared externally or used for separate model training, ensuring proprietary information remains safe.
  • Continuous Insights: As more feedback flows in over time, Chisel AI provides ongoing insights into changing user needs and priorities to shape roadmap and backlog decisions. 
  • Expedited Innovation: By systematically uncovering actionable findings from user research at scale, Chisel AI helps organizations rapidly innovate, test, and discover the most valuable new products and features to pursue.

Chisel Pricing

  • Free forever version is available.
  • Premium Plan: $ 49 per month if billed annually.
  • Enterprise Plan: $99 per month if billed annually. 

Chisel Customer Reviews

Chisel has earned an impressive 4.9 out of 5 rating on G2

Want to take a product tour to understand Chisel better? Click on the link here!

2. Pendo

Best For Product Analytics

AI-generated qualitative insights by Pendo
AI-generated qualitative insights by Pendo

Pendo empowers you to enhance software experiences, ensuring satisfaction and productivity for both users and employees. 

By enabling product teams to discern user interactions, identify feature engagement, and gauge satisfaction levels, Pendo facilitates informed decision-making. Utilizing these insights, you can effortlessly establish in-app guides without coding, fostering software adoption, delivering support, and optimizing lead generation within the application. 

Pendo Key Features

  • Analyze customer feedback and NPS data to automatically identify critical themes and user needs, saving time and effort.
  • Gain AI-powered recommendations for improving user journeys and optimizing the cross-app experience.
  • Analyze and categorize user data to identify trends and patterns, helping you prioritize features and make informed product decisions.
  • Use AI to test and iterate on product concepts quickly, reducing the risk of launching features users don’t want.
  • Deliver automated, personalized content and guidance to users based on their individual needs and behaviors.
  • Leverage machine learning to create targeted in-app guide campaigns that drive specific actions, such as conversions, expansion, or adoption.
  • Optimize your product strategy and improve key metrics like retention, conversion, and engagement with less time and resources.
  • Use AI insights to confidently build and launch products that your customers will love, leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Pendo Pricing

  • Free forever plan is available
  • For paid option details, you need to contact sales

Pendo Customer Reviews

Pendo has garnered an overall 4.4/5 customer rating on G2

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3. Maze

Best for User Research

Let AI identify common themes in open-ended questions within minutes
Let AI identify common themes in open-ended questions within minutes

Maze is a great platform for product teams focused on user-centric development. Maze is one of the best AI product discovery platforms because it enables product teams to gather and implement user insights consistently throughout product development.

Maze Key Features

  • AI identifies bias, illegibility, or grammatical errors in questions, suggesting improved phrasing for clearer results.
  • Go beyond surface-level insights. Trigger AI-powered follow-up questions that explore each participant’s unique response, revealing the “why” behind their answers.
  • No more searching for patterns. Let AI identify common themes in open-ended responses within minutes. Filter insights by theme and sentiment for easy analysis.
  • Save time with AI-powered suggestions for naming your mazes, providing clear context for everyone involved.
  • See how an AI-powered block works before launching it, ensuring smooth data collection and efficient insights generation.
  • AI automatically assigns positive, neutral, and negative tags to participant responses, allowing for quick sentiment assessment.
  • Extract key messages from AI questions and participant answers, facilitating quicker understanding and analysis.

Maze Pricing

  • Free forever plan
  • Starter Plan: $99 per month
  • Team Plan: $1250 per month
  • Organization Plan: Custom pricing, need to contact sales

Maze Customer Reviews

Maze has an overall 4.5 out of 5 customer rating on G2

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4. Vue.ai

Best for Ecommerce Businesses

Vue.ai- Best for Ecommerce Businesses

Vue.ai is an AI orchestration platform that facilitates technical and business teams to construct and actualize value by incorporating AI across their organization. It is a comprehensive retail automation platform trusted by over 100 retailers worldwide, including Diesel, Nordstrom, TataCliq, Mercado Libre, ThredUp, and many others.

Vue.ai Key Features

Vue.ai revolutionizes the shopping experience by leveraging rich product and shopper data

  • Vue.ai’s AI enriches product data with detailed tags and nuanced filters, making it easier for shoppers to find what they want.
  • AI-powered product tagging ensures a complete and accurate catalog, maximizing product visibility and discovery.
  • Based on shopper intent and preferences, AI recommends relevant products throughout their journey, leading to faster conversions.
  • By making it easier for shoppers to find what they need, AI helps prevent them from leaving your site without purchasing.
  • Personalized recommendations and relevant discovery keep shoppers engaged and browsing for longer.
  • Tag retail product images in real-time, accelerating product listing and website updates.
  • Generate detailed product tags, titles, and descriptions instantly, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Maintain quality control by reviewing and modifying AI-generated tags for accuracy and completeness.
  • It is one of the best AI product discovery tools because you can efficiently manage large product catalogs with Bulk editing features for image tagging and quality checks.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of individual product attributes and their impact on discoverability.
  • Track tagging accuracy and performance for specific batches of product images.
  • Assess the confidence level of AI-generated tags for informed decision-making.

Vue.ai Pricing

You need to contact the company directly to obtain their pricing details

Vue.ai Customer Reviews

Vue.ai has an overall 4.6 out of 5 customer rating on G2

5. Contentsquare

Best for Customer Journey Mapping

Contentsquare- Best for Customer Journey Mapping
Experience a seamless onboarding process with automated mappings and labeling, ensuring privacy by design

Contentsquare goes beyond conventional analytics, providing an unparalleled comprehension of the customer experience that can revolutionize your business. Through user-friendly technology that unveils each user’s behavior, intent, and attitude, they empower businesses to deliver more human-centered experiences while prioritizing privacy and accessibility swiftly. 

Contentsquare Key Features

  • Identify anomalies and deviations from expected behavior in key metrics, ensuring timely intervention and optimization.
  • Customize alerts across your entire customer journey, from specific interactions to crucial points in the purchase process.
  • Leverage AI-driven onboarding for a quick and efficient setup, maximizing your time and resources from the start.
  • Streamline analysis with step-by-step guidance, helping you uncover the “why” behind metric variations and identify actionable insights.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior, feelings, and intent based on current and past actions, enabling personalized experiences.
  • Make agile adjustments to content, layout, navigation, and the overall experience based on customer behavior and real-time insights.
  • Create a seamless and personalized experience that anticipates customer needs and preferences.

Contentsquare Pricing

You need to contact their sales team directly

Contentsquare Customer Reviews

Contentsquare has an overall 4.7 out of 5 customer reviews on G2

6. Lucidworks

Best for Personalization

AI-powered search platform by Lucidworks
AI-powered search platform by Lucidworks

Lucidworks equips the world’s largest organizations with tools to connect users with data in meaningful and relevant ways. Your organization can respond more efficiently and intelligently by optimizing data functionality for customers and employees.

Ludcidworks Key Features

AI powered search platform by Lucidworks

  • Transform static navigation with AI-powered facets, menus, and rich content tailored to each user.
  • Delivers accurate and relevant results instantly, understanding searcher intent and contextual factors.
  • Suggests potential search terms and phrases as users type, ensuring smooth query refinement.
  • Suggests relevant products and content based on past behavior and preferences, boosting engagement and conversions.
  • Personalize landing pages with AI to offer targeted content and optimize user experience.
  • Configure AI-powered relevance while retaining control over product rankings, incorporating your merchandising expertise.
  • Handle growing product catalogs with blazing-fast updates for custom pricing and permissions, ideal for B2B scenarios.
  • Connect with popular commerce platforms and integrate models or signals from other solutions for maximum flexibility.
  • Maintain blazing-fast performance and low latency even with large product catalogs and complex pricing structures.

Ludcidworks Pricing

Custom pricing. Need to contact their sales team.

Ludcidworks Customer Reviews

Lucidworks has garnered an overall 4.5/5 customer rating on G2.

7. ViSenze

Best for Identifying Gaps In Customer Funnel

ViSenze offers AI powered product recommendations

Handles over a billion monthly queries from retailers, and ViSenze supports them in-store and on e-commerce platforms. Its versatile applications include enhanced search capabilities, product tagging, smart recommendations, and analytics for merchandising.

ViSenze Key Features

ViSenze offers AI powered product recommendations

  • Suggest products that match customers’ views, leading to unexpected discoveries and increased purchase likelihood.
  • Showcase complete outfits built from your catalog directly on model images, simplifying styling inspiration and driving sales.
  • Offer AI-powered suggestions for complementary items, creating a feel of a personal stylist and boosting basket value.
  • Plug-and-play integration with your existing platform for immediate impact.
  • Automatically display shoppable complementary products alongside models, turning visual inspiration into direct sales.
  • Increase basket size and average order value through targeted recommendations and outfit suggestions.

ViSenze Pricing

Custom pricing, need to contact sales. 

ViSenze Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 on G2

8. UserTesting

Best for Market Research


UserTesting empowers product teams to conduct usability tests, allowing them to observe users interacting with their app or website. The product discovery tool lets you gain insights into user behavior and preferences through video recordings, surveys, and feedback.

UserTesting Key Features

AI-powered sentiment analysis with the help of user session recording in UserTesting software

  • Uncover key themes, patterns, and insights from video, text, and behavioral data instantly.
  • Identify and analyze pain points users encounter within your product.
  • Surface moments of positive or negative sentiment within user research sessions.
  • Let AI handle repetitive tasks, freeing your team to focus on deeper analysis and strategic decisions.
  • Share insights seamlessly with any team in real-time.
  • Whether a startup or a large enterprise, UserTesting scales to your needs.
  • Run usability tests in high-fidelity prototypes to ensure customer acceptance.
  • Gain data-driven insights to build features users will love.
  • Make research accessible and digestible for every team, maximizing ROI and strategic value.

UserTesting Pricing

Customized plan. You need to contact the sales team to get detailed pricing information

UserTesting Customer Reviews

This product discovery tool has garnered an overall 4.5 out of 5 customer rating on G2.

Comparison Table For Best AI Product Discovery Tools

ToolFeatureStarting PriceOverall Rating
ChiselAutomatic Feedback Classification, Feedback Synthesis, Instant Documentation, Enterprise Security, Continuous Insights, Expedited Innovation$49 per user per month billed annually4.9/5
PendoAI-generated qualitative insights, Workflow suggestions, Qualitative insights, Validate product ideas at scale, PersonalizationCustomer pricing4.4/5
MazeUncover hidden bias, Visualize trends instantly, Automated naming, Preview AI blocks, Effortless sentiment analysis, Clear conversation summaries$99 per month4.5/5
Vue.aiEnhanced product data, Increased catalog coverage, Personalized recommendations, Reduced bounce rates, Real-time AI tagging, Bulk edit capabilitiesCustomer pricing4.6/5
ContentsquareAI-powered alerts, Smart alerts anywhere, Seamless onboarding, Improved productivity, Deeper customer context, Real-time optimizationCustomer pricing4.7/5
LucidworksDynamic Browse Experiences, Intelligent Search, Typeahead, Recommendations, Personalized landing pages, Prioritize Expertise, Dynamic Pricing & Entitlements, Seamless Integrations, Maintain blazing-fast performanceCustom pricing4.5/5
ViSenzeVisual Similarity, AI-powered suggestions for complementary items, Plug-and-play integration, Monetize Model Images, Boost Order ValueCustom pricing4/5
UserTestingAI-powered analysis, Friction detection, Sentiment analysis, Increase team efficiency, Multiple integration options, Suitable for all businesses, Validate product ideas, Drive confident decisions, Make research accessible and digestible for every team.Custom pricing4/5

Getting Started With Chisel

As a product manager, one of your main jobs is to gain a deep understanding of your users and identify opportunities to improve their experience. However, making sense of large volumes of user feedback can be extremely time-consuming without the right tools. This is where Chisel excels by using cutting-edge AI to automate feedback analysis at scale. 

Chisel is one of the best AI product discovery platforms because lets you easily gather all user feedback from different sources directly in the app. Its powerful AI then gets to work categorizing, synthesizing, and documenting insights from thousands of data points. It gives you crystal-clear visibility into emerging trends, pain points, and feature requests – saving you hours of manual sorting and analysis.

Some key benefits of starting your journey with Chisel include:

  • Automatic feedback classification to organize insights effortlessly 
  • Continuous synthesized updates on shifting user priorities and needs
  • Instant documentation of specifications from user feedback metadata
  • Total privacy and security of all user data shared with Chisel
  • Ongoing prioritization guidance based on changing user sentiment
  • Rapid innovation through expedited discovery of high-value opportunities

To get started today, simply sign up for a free Chisel account. Let Chisel’s AI reveal your clearest product discovery pathway yet.

Don’t waste any more time struggling with inadequate tools. Let Chisel be your guide to continuously improving the user experience and out-innovating competitors. Your journey to becoming a customer-centric product rockstar starts now!

Sign up for Chisel’s Free Forever Version here.

Crafting great product requires great tools. Try Chisel today, it's free forever.