12 Free Kanban Board Software In 2024

Best Free Kanban Board Software

Struggling to find the right free kanban board software for your team? Worry no more. We’ve compiled a list of the top free kanban board software options to help visualize your workflow without breaking the bank. These intuitive software solutions offer customizable boards, task tracking, and more, all without the hefty price tag. Take a look at our recommendations for the best free kanban board software on the market today.

What Is Kanban Board Software?

Kanban board software is a visual project management tool that uses kanban methodology to help teams improve workflow visibility and maximize efficiency. Here is a brief overview of what kanban boards are and how they work:

At its core, a kanban board is simply a virtual or physical board where teams can visualize their work in progress. It consists of various columns that represent different stages of a project – things like “To Do,” “In Progress,” “Review,” and “Done.” Digital task cards containing details of each work item are dragged and dropped between the columns as their status changes.

This feature enables everyone on the team to see tasks awaiting initiation, tasks currently in progress, items awaiting approval or feedback, and completed tasks. Unlike traditional task lists or project timelines, the kanban approach focuses more on limiting work-in-progress to avoid bottlenecks and ensure smooth, continuous flow.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Free Kanban Tool

Here are the features you need to consider while picking an efficient free kanban app:

  • Visual Kanban Board: The board is the core feature, providing an intuitive visual interface to view work at different stages, from To Do to In Progress to Done. Being able to see the workflow at a glance is essential.
  • Limits on Work in Progress (WIP): Evaluate whether the kanban app supports WIP limits as a feature. Confirm if these limits can be adjusted seamlessly across different workflow phases, promoting efficiency and preventing bottlenecks.
  • Customization: Allow flexibility in customizing boards, columns, card fields, and views to fit your unique processes. It could include creating custom statuses, metadata fields, card templates, and more.
  • Collaboration Tools: Integrated chat/comments, ability to @mention teammates, view activity streams and version history, and share files directly on cards. Good for distributed and co-located teams to stay on the same page.
  • Assignments: Easily assign cards to individuals or teams and track who is responsible for specific work items as they move through the pipeline.
  • Time Tracking: Include a timer or ability to manually enter time spent on cards to capture productivity metrics and billable hours where needed.
  • Reporting: Gain insight through reports on key metrics like lead time, throughput, bottlenecks, and time spent by workers/projects to improve flow continuously.
  • Mobile Access: For maximum flexibility, the board should be accessible from any device via responsive design or dedicated mobile apps.
  • Integrations: Connect boards with tools like project management, source control, helpdesk, and messaging for a unified workspace.

These main features allow teams to collaborate efficiently and implement lean thinking principles through high visibility of work and continuous improvement. Look for a system that supports your current workflow needs.

Take a Quick Look at Free Kanban Board Software

  • Chisel: Stand out with automated workflows, customizable dashboards, and in-depth analytics, perfect for data-driven teams. (Best for overall product management).
  • Wrike: Wrike project management software offers small agencies a customizable workspace for organizing calendars and projects and a visual markup tool for streamlined feedback processes. (Best for workflow management).
  • KanbanFlow: Project-oriented with built-in time tracking and analytics. (Ideal for tracking progress).
  • Workstreams.ai: Seamless Kanban within Slack, boosting collaboration for Slack-centric teams. (Best to maximize communication efficiency).
  • Taskworld: Versatile for both Kanban and traditional project management. (Manage workflows flexibly).
  • ClickUp: All-in-one platform with Kanban and broader functionality but limited storage and automation in the free plan. (Diverse tasks, restricted free features).
  • Microsoft Planner: Integrated with Microsoft Teams, great for existing users. (Limited customization).
  • Notion: While popular, it often goes unnoticed when specifically searching for Kanban tools. It offers exceptional versatility with Kanban boards, databases, notes, and more but comes with a learning curve. (Best for power users seeking an all-in-one workspace).
  • Blossom: This collaborative Kanban tool stands out with built-in chat for seamless team communication. While free features are limited, focusing on communication can be a game-changer. (Best for teams prioritizing real-time collaboration).
  • Flow-e: This hidden gem packs a punch with powerful automation options and various integrations, streamlining complex workflows. Be aware of free plan limitations. (Best for teams seeking automation and efficiency).
  • Nifty: Primarily recognized for project management, Nifty also offers robust Kanban boards with agile-friendly features like sprints and burndown charts. Free features are limited but ideal for agile teams. (Best for agile teams needing Kanban and project management combined).
  • MeisterTask: Combining mind mapping and Kanban in one platform, MeisterTask fosters creative brainstorming and visual task management. Be mindful of limited free features. (Best for visual thinkers and teams needing brainstorming alongside Kanban)

Our Detailed List of 12 Free Kanban Board Software

1. Chisel 

Unique Value Proposition (UVP): “Chisel is an integrated product management platform streamlining workflows with automated processes and customizable dashboards. Its in-depth analytics capabilities provide actionable insights to make data-driven decisions. Perfect for efficient product teams seeking increased productivity and strategic guidance.

A screenshot of the Chisel's Kanban board showing prominently displayed end dates for features, labels, and assigned team members, with the ability to drag features to different statuses for easy status updates.
Chisel’s Kanban board prominently displays end dates for features, labels, and assigned team members, facilitating efficient project management.
A digital Kanban board interface displaying various task cards in different stages of completion.
Chisel’s Kanban board interface enables teams to efficiently manage their projects by visualizing tasks in different stages of completion, allowing for easy tracking of progress and identification of bottlenecks.
A digital timeline displaying project milestones and deadlines.
Chisel’s Timeline view empowers companies to effectively manage project timelines, ensuring timely completion and providing the flexibility to make necessary adjustments. 

Chisel’s kanban board offers product managers a uniquely flexible way to visualize their roadmap and track feature progress. Beyond the standard columns for statuses like backlog, in progress, and completed, Chisel lets you fully customize the Kanban view to suit your workflow.

The statuses on the kanban board can be renamed or reordered with a simple drag and drop, so you control exactly how the features flow from one stage to the next. Additional statuses can also be added on the fly as needed. This level of customization means the Kanban provides a clear, visual representation of your unique development process.

Moving features between statuses is intuitively simple, too – just drag and drop. This interactive approach keeps the board engaging to use. Teams stay focused on progress rather than getting bogged down in status updates.

Rather than being constrained by a one-size-fits-all format, Chisel empowers product teams to represent their work in a bespoke manner. This reflects the reality that every organization approaches product development differently. The highly adjustable Kanban lets managers and contributors follow each feature seamlessly as it weaves through planning, development, and release.

Customizable statuses also pave the way for enhanced tracking of different phases within each stage. For example, a status of “research” could precede “prototype,” which then flows to “build,” providing granular insight at every step. This visibility is key for keeping all stakeholders aware of progress and timelines.

Chisel’s configurable kanban board stands out by allowing users to visualize their roadmap in a manner completely tailored to their precise needs and methodology. This dynamic approach promises to streamline collaboration and keep products moving efficiently from concept to customer.

Chisel’s Kanban delivers unprecedented flexibility. It molds to your unique workflows while maintaining high-level visibility of your entire product portfolio. Full customization power and intuitive interactivity set a new standard for collaborative roadmapping.

Release View and Timeline View give you a high-level overview of your tasks and workflows, so you can quickly understand status and dependencies. It makes coordinating complex projects feel effortless. These views cut down on a lot of back-and-forth messaging and make it a breeze to keep multiple streams of work organized and on track. 

What You Get in Chisel’s Free Plan

  • Flexible product roadmap: Ability to create a customized product roadmap without limitations.
  • Customizable feature prioritization score: Ability to define customized prioritization criteria/drivers to assign scores to features in the roadmap.
  • 3-level product hierarchy with up to 100 features: Ability to organize the product roadmap into up to 3 levels – Product, Components, and Features with up to 100 features.
  • Multiple Views (Feature Treeview, Kanban View, Release View, and Timeline View): Ability to view the product roadmap in different layouts like tree, kanban, release, and timeline based on needs.
  • Google Account and Microsoft 365 sign-in: Single sign-on using Google or Microsoft accounts for easy login and collaboration.

The free plan provides a good set of core product management features for getting started without restrictions on key functions like roadmapping, feedback management, and collaboration.

Chisel Customer Ratings

Chisel has an overall 4.9 out of 5 customer rating on G2. 

What Do Users Think About Chisel

  • “Chisel has helped me to do that by providing me with a wealth of data and insights. This data has helped me to understand my users, the market, and the competition. “
  • “Chisel helped us turn our black hole of feature ideas into a structured product development process in no time. Their ability to adapt to our needs and customer support have been second to none. We feel that Chisel is more than a vendor – they are a partner.”
  • “The roadmap section and all templates are instrumental in managing our daily, weekly and monthly tasks.”

2. Wrike

Unique Value Proposition (UVP): “Wrike provides a fully customizable and collaborative work management platform that enables teams to streamline workflows, automate processes, and gain real-time visibility across all workstreams for maximum efficiency.

A screenshot of Wrike's Kanban-style project management interface displaying task cards organized on a digital board.
Practice Kanban-style project management with Wrike’s intuitive platform, where you can visually organize your tasks on customizable boards. 

Wrike offers industry-leading customizable boards. Users can tailor workflows by creating custom statuses for each task stage. This provides clarity on progress and eliminates delays from unclear labeling.

Boards seamlessly integrate with other features. Tasks sync to shared calendars so deadlines are visible to all. Resource management ensures balanced workloads to stay on schedule.

Complex programs get simplified through consolidated visibility. Users oversee linked project portfolios with granular task control, synchronizing cross-departmental work.

Wrike boards empower truly global asynchronous collaboration at scale. Teams of any size stay aligned through real-time shared access and immediate updates, removing location restrictions.

Wrike boards increase transparency, adaptability, and productivity by transforming how teams define processes. Customization avoids rigid templates for optimal team performance through enhanced focus and flow.

What You Get in Wrike’s Free Plan

  • Web, desktop, and mobile applications
  • Managing projects and tasks
  • Generating AI-driven content
  • Viewing boards
  • Displaying tables
  • Active task restrictions may be applicable

Wrike Customer Ratings

This free kanban board software has garnered an overall 4.2 out of 5 customer ratings on G2

What Do Users Think About ProofHub

  • “The option to view projects and tasks in a kanban board or as a Gantt chart has helped us communicate as a team while moving projects forward, especially with the instant notifications that the next step is ready to be made in the process.”
  • “The timely reminders indicating the next process step is ready to be taken, the choice between project and task views as kanban board or Gantt chart, and the @-mention capability has helped our team communicate effectively throughout the project lifecycle.”

3. KanbanFlow

Unique Value Proposition (UVP): “KanbanFlow offers a simple and flexible Kanban board software solution that is ideal for beginners. It provides essential project management and collaboration features without unnecessary complexity.

A screenshot of the KanbanFlow Kanban board interface displaying tasks organized in columns.
Experience the efficiency of KanbanFlow’s Kanban board, providing a clear overview of your team’s current work status. 

KanbanFlow stands out as a lean project management solution, emphasizing simplifying workflow visualization and collaborative efforts. Central to its approach is using a Kanban board, which grants users a comprehensive view of their ongoing tasks, effectively minimizing multitasking and promoting a continuous task flow through workload limitations.

Noteworthy benefits of KanbanFlow include the flexibility to customize workflows using columns and labels and enhancing communication within distributed project teams. Features like work-in-progress limits and reporting redirect team focus toward task completion, reducing risks and stress while optimizing value delivery. The integration of time tracking and custom reporting facilitates the analysis of bottlenecks, throughput, cycles, and trends over time, enabling data-driven decision-making and outcome forecasting.

Real-time collaboration is a cornerstone of KanbanFlow, supporting interaction across devices through features like comment threads, task assignments, and calendar/email integration. This ensures alignment among stakeholders, regardless of their physical location. Additionally, APIs and import/export options provide the flexibility to integrate KanbanFlow with other project tools and workflows, enhancing adaptability and compatibility within diverse project management environments.

What You Get in KanbanFlow’s Free Plan

  • Unlimited boards
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Work In Progress (WIP) limits
  • Subtasks
  • Filtering options
  • Recurring tasks
  • Stopwatch timer
  • Pomodoro timer
  • Pomodoro statistics
  • Print view

KanbanFlow Customer Ratings

This free kanban board software has an overall 4.2 out of 5 customer ratings on G2

What Do Users Think About KanbanFlow

  • “The visual representation of tasks in order of their importance, color code for different tasks. Helpful in quick decision- making. You also get to know what the whole team is doing, how much time they are taking to do it.”
  • “The thing I like best about Kanban boards, in general, is the ability to re-order items so that you can change your priorities. With Kanban Flow specifically, I like the multiple ways you can do this, from creating sub-tasks within one larger task, to changing the colour scheme of certain types of tasks.”

4. Workstreams.ai

Unique Value Proposition (UVP): “Workstreams.ai offers a unique value proposition by providing task chat integration within Slack, facilitating communication for each project card. Its workflow management is grounded in Kanban boards, a fundamental project management technique. Users can select from various customizable workflows or create their own.

A screenshot showcasing custom fields in the Workstreams.ai interface, highlighting workflow-specific information
Workstreams.ai empowers users with workflow-specific custom fields, enabling them to emphasize critical information tailored to their processes. 

Workstreams.ai streamlines workflows boosts team efficiency, and helps achieve goals faster through its intuitive kanban approach. It offers pre-built workflows for tasks like HR, marketing, and projects to eliminate setup time. Workflows can also get customized to specific needs by adding steps, editing tasks, and automating repetitive work.

This provides crystal-clear transparency for teams. Shared workflows and taskboards give everyone visibility into tasks, priorities, and progress, fostering collaboration. Team task views offer a bird’s-eye perspective of workload distribution and potential bottlenecks. Data on task durations and completion rates informs continuous process improvement and resource planning.

Its time management features maximize productivity. Task time tracking reveals where more efficiency can get gained. The in-app calendar allows scheduling and managing deadlines to keep projects on schedule. The “frozen tasks” function alerts users to stalled work to prevent drop-offs.

Seamless integrations with Slack and Teams embed the Kanban experience within regular communication workflows. Taskboards can be entirely managed from within these platforms using automated bots. This eliminates switching between multiple apps, keeping work streamlined and teams fully engaged.

What You Get in Workstreams.ai’s Free Plan

Limited to a team of three members:

  • AI productivity features available
  • Time allocation features included
  • Integrated in-app calendar provided
  • Customizable workflows offered
  • Unlimited access to workflows
  • Unlimited tasks and task boards
  • Unlimited automation supported
  • Additional features for time allocation management
  • Ownership and user management functionalities included

Workstreams.ai Customer Ratings

This free kanban software has an overall 4 out of 5 rating on Capterra and GetApp

What Do Users Think About Workstreams.ai 

“Compared to all the other apps for task management and organizing your daily stuff, this one actually gave me everything I needed with my team on Slack.”

5. Taskworld

Unique Value Proposition (UVP): “Taskworld streamlines task-based workflows by automatically reordering tasks upon completion. It helps teams easily track dependencies and progress as smaller jobs are signed off and dropped to the bottom of the relevant category.

A visual representation of Taskworld's custom Kanban board interface displaying project tasks and stages.
Taskworld offers customizable Kanban boards for project visualization, facilitating enhanced visibility, collaboration, and insightful reporting. 

Taskworld streamlines project management through intuitive kanban workflows. It offers ready-made templates for common processes like marketing campaigns, software development, and HR to save setup time. Customizable boards accommodate individual workstyles with features like recurring tasks, priorities, and reminders.

A pinned project board acts as a central knowledge hub. Important documents, templates, processes, and guidelines can be stored and shared in one accessible location.

Visibility into team performance gets enhanced with analytics and reporting. Gantt charts provide insight into progress and workload distribution. This visibility helps anticipate challenges and course corrections.

Personalization makes information more engaging. Colors, backgrounds, and tags bring visual flair to organized data and motivate teams. Contextual communication streamlines collaboration across locations and departments through assigned roles, file sharing, and @mentions.

Seamless scheduling and reminders prevent deadline slippage. Quick task creation assigns work efficiently. Contextual comments and files minimize email clutter for focused collaboration. Video meetings can get launched directly from task discussions.

Comprehensive reporting empowers data-driven priorities. Customizable workload reports assess performance. A dashboard consolidated timeline and metrics keep strategic oversight. This maximizes productivity through informed priority-setting.

What You Get in Taskworld’s Free Plan

  • Unlimited tasks to organize work
  • Ability to assign tasks to your team
  • Set tags, labels, and due dates for tasks
  • Individual chat, team chat, group chat, and global chat features for real-time communication
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) for enhanced account protection and data security

Taskworld Customer Ratings

This free kanban software has an overall 4.4 out of 5 rating on G2

What Do Users Think About Taskworld

  • “I can manage many projects track tasks, and collaborate with my team on every aspect. Great for multi offices.”
  • “Taskworld is an amazing task manager in fact it has a large number of visual task boards that fit perfectly for companies of any size these boards bring with them features like to assign tasks to different team members and keep a comprehensive track of all the tasks that are in progress, it even offers a task checklist feature and to add sub tasks, the mobile apps are for both IOS and android are fantastic and also Taskworld is a very easy to use software.”

6. ClickUp

Unique Value Proposition (UVP): “ClickUp offers a highly customizable Kanban solution for teams of any size, with powerful features like workflow automation, work-in-progress limits, and single-view prioritization that help users seamlessly manage multiple complex projects from a single hub.

A screenshot showcasing ClickUp's task management interface with customizable features.
From planning to organization and collaboration, ClickUp provides customizable solutions at every level, empowering teams to achieve their goals effectively.

ClickUp offers flexible board views for managing tasks through a fully customizable kanban system. Teams can easily drag and drop tasks between columns to visualize workflow status. The workload gets strategized using ClickApps like Work in Progress Limits, indicating individual and team capacity on each board.

Over 15 view options, including Gantt charts, timelines, and calendars, provide versatility for different team needs. Tasks can be planned, organized, and collaborated on for any objective. Strong customization caters to unique processes at all levels.

The mobile app maintains focus with key views like board, list, calendar, and chat – ensuring work remains visible and interactive regardless of location. Default views show assignments for all users, while personal mode and people sidebars filter for relevant tasks.

AI capabilities accelerate plans and work. You can break tasks into automated subtasks from descriptions. Comment threads summarize discussions and autonomous updates save time. Intelligent project management support empowers teams with enhanced transparency, connectivity, and insights for maximum efficiency.

ClickUp combines powerful task handling, visual management, and intelligent features to streamline workflows and collaboration. Its flexible and customized solutions keep stakeholders engaged and work progressing smoothly toward goals.

What You Get in ClickUp’s Free Plan

  • Unlimited tasks allowed
  • Unlimited members on the free plan
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled
  • “Everything” view available
  • Real-time chat functionality
  • Kanban boards for task organization
  • Sprint management tools included
  • Calendar view for scheduling
  • Basic custom field manager feature provided

ClickUp Customer Ratings

This free kanban software has an overall 4.7 out of 5 rating on G2

What Do Users Think About ClickUp

  • “ClickUp solves the pain of having to maintain each stage of the software development lifecycle in separate places. On the platform, it’s possible to do almost everything needed to track the software lifecycle: documentation, bug tracking, kanban, product roadmap, etc.”
  • “You can enter the data in numerous ways (laptop, phone, ipad, email to, etc) and display it seemlessly in different views (list, kanban, gantt, etc) without needing to re-enter a single item. You can simply never go back to spreadsheets. Exporting into an Excel takes seconds and as far as the rest of the world knows, you just have superpowers. This is the way.”

7. Microsoft Planner

Unique Value Proposition (UVP): “Microsoft Planner offers intuitive Kanban functionality and tight integration across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, allowing teams to seamlessly manage work across different applications from a single central hub for planning and task coordination.

 A visual representation of Microsoft Planner's Kanban board interface with content-rich tasks, files, checklists, and labels.
Boost productivity with Planner by Microsoft. Utilize Kanban boards enriched with content-rich tasks, including files, checklists, and labels

Microsoft Planner offers a familiar kanban experience through customizable boards to visualize workflows. Its cards incorporate key details like descriptions, checklists, labels, and due dates needed for work tracking. Attachments and assignees keep tasks organized.

However, what truly sets it apart is the seamless Microsoft Teams integration. Planner boards can be accessed directly within channel conversations for continuous work engagement wherever collaboration occurs. This streamlines planning and task management within digital workspaces that are increasingly central to remote operations.

Powerful task analytics provide strategic overviews. Charts clearly illustrate progress by highlighting tasks in each stage to prioritize focus. Machine learning also surfaces “important tasks” to expedite planning through contextual suggestions.

The new unified Planner experience in Microsoft 365 brings together to-dos, tasks, plans, and projects. Its simple and flexible templates adapt workflows to team needs, from basic lists to custom fields and expanded views. Scalable configurations through Power Platform empower reporting and automation to support evolving requirements dynamically.

Deeper Viva Goal integrations further connect work to objectives for strategic alignment. Automated workflows and workflows through Power Automate boost efficiency. Uniting individual and group task handling within Teams optimizes collaboration wherever teams operate.

By merging capabilities across To Do, Planner, Project, and more, Microsoft Planner delivers an intelligent experience tailored to each user’s role – streamlining work management for maximum productivity.

What You Get in Microsoft Planner’s Free Plan

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic Trial available for 30 days
  • Easy signup process for the trial
  • Option to add up to 25 users during the trial period
  • Trial includes the same features as the paid product, including:
    • Identity, access, and user management for up to 300 employees
    • Custom business email (you@yourbusiness.com)
    • Web and mobile versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
    • Chat, call, and video conference capabilities with Teams
    • 1 TB of cloud storage per employee
    • 10+ additional apps for various business needs (Bookings, Planner, Forms, and others)
    • Automatic spam and malware filtering

Microsoft Planner Customer Ratings

This free kanban software has an overall 4.2 out of 5 rating on G2

What Do Users Think About Microsoft Planner

  • “Microsoft Planner is an online application that is very useful for task management. Whenever you are running a project, having a planner is a powerful tool for assigning different tasks to your team members with an executive date for each task.”
  • “A Microsoft tool to organize tasks and teamworks, MS Planner provides a hub for team members to create plans, organize and assign tasks. Files can be shared to all members as it also provides a centralised place to share and view files.”

8. Notion

Unique Value Proposition (UVP): “Notion allows users to easily visualize workflows with digital Kanban boards, providing a templated framework that facilitates replication of best practices and helps new users translate the principles into effective project tracking tools.

A screenshot of Notion's Kanban board interface featuring customizable columns, swimlanes, and filter options
Notion’s versatile Kanban board offers essential columns such as “To-do,” “In Progress,” and “Complete,” along with customizable options for additional columns.

Notion offers a variety of Kanban templates to visualize workflows in different contexts. With options for tasks, projects, and team collaboration, it caters to individual and group work management templates.

The templates provide an adjustable framework to develop highly customized boards. Tasks can get augmented with granular details like owners, descriptions, and departments. Columns allow flexible progression through user-defined stages from traditional formats to more specialized flows.

Boards maintain their focus on work by employing a streamlined, minimalist interface. Priority orders, due dates, and tagging mechanisms ensure stakeholders remain engaged and that work progresses smoothly. Furthermore, tables seamlessly integrate statuses and parameters, offering alternative list-based overviews to enhance workflow management.

This empowers complete visibility and control over productivity. Users can get started effortlessly or extend templates through personalization.

Teams gain full transparency through consolidated boards in Notion. Shared boards keep all projects, components, and contributors in view. As work dynamically evolves, perspectives adjust through column and view modifications – maintaining alignment across changing needs.

By providing a variety of aesthetic layouts coupled with robust customization, Notion Kanban templates optimize visibility and engagement. 

What You Get in Notion’s Free Plan

  • Collaborative workspace available
  • Integration with Slack, GitHub, and other platforms
  • Basic page analytics provided
  • 7-day page history tracking included
  • Ability to invite up to 10 guests to collaborate

Notion Customer Ratings

This free kanban software has an overall 4.7 out of 5 rating on G2

What Do Users Think About Notion

  • “Notion has quite a lots of the templates that I can use. For me, I like Kanban Board the most. I can create cards like what I did on Trello or Jira, but this one is entirely for my personal life.”
  • “I’m using Notion to manage my business workflow, managing projects & tasks. It has great features like Kanban boards by which we can easily change the status of projects and tasks. we have unlimited storage. Easy to use and multi-device support, which I love.”

9. Blossom

Unique Value Proposition (UVP): “Blossom provides a visual project management platform tailored for distributed software teams. Its Kanban-inspired workflow surface gives real-time transparency into members’ work and status across locations through integrated tools like GitHub, Slack, and email.

A digital representation of Blossom's Kanban board interface highlighting focused tasks for higher product quality.
Blossom’s Kanban board allows automatic prioritization, enabling teams to concentrate on fewer tasks for improved product quality.

Blossom offers a unique set of capabilities that truly set it apart in the project management space. At its core, Blossom aims to support modern software development practices like Continuous Delivery and empower distributed project teams.

Some key strengths include deep integrations and real-time syncing with development tools. Blossom’s GitHub integration seamlessly links project and code management, allowing teams to track progress directly from pull requests and branches. Similarly, integrations with chat tools like HipChat and Flowdock keep remote teams up-to-date by posting updates to existing conversations.

Blossom also aims to reduce unnecessary process overhead that can bog down teams. Features like automated performance analytics and report generation eliminate time wasted on manual tracking and documenting. This frees teams to focus solely on delivering value.

Visualizing the workflow from concept to release is another core goal. Blossom surfaces insights to help identify and remove roadblocks plus bottlenecks that impede progress. This optimized transparency is invaluable for distributed teams collaborating across locations or time zones.

Lastly, Blossom acknowledges the evolving nature of modern software development. Blossom keeps teams in a constant state of smooth progress by facilitating Continuous Delivery practices over rigid sprints or milestones. Features are delivered to users as soon as they’re developed rather than waiting for artificial deadlines.

What You Get in Blossom’s Free Plan

Blossom offers a 14-day free trial. Contact our sales team to learn more about pricing plans.

Blossom Customer Ratings

4.5 out of 5 customer rating on G2

What Do Users Think About Blossom

“This is the most direct software that is easy to use which give s a clear visibility in the progress of objectives. It is also one good software that stays on top of the current issues while also considering the different places you are situated or carrying out your activities “

10. Flow-e

Unique Value Proposition (UVP): “Flow-e seamlessly integrates powerful Kanban and productivity features into the familiar Outlook interface, allowing users to intuitively manage tasks, calendar events, and emails from a single centralized dashboard for streamlined personal or team workflow visualization directly within email.

A visual representation of Flow-e's Outlook mailbox interface transformed into a visual taskboard.
With Flow-e, your Outlook mailbox becomes a visual taskboard, seamlessly integrating personal tasks and emails into a customized visual workflow, enhancing productivity and organization.

What really sets Flow-e apart is its seamless integration of task management directly within your email inbox. By applying kanban and GTD principles as an elegant visualization layer on top of Outlook, Flow-e provides tremendous value without requiring users to change existing habits or switch tools.

Flow-e respects individuals’ existing workflows while adding pro-level organization that helps tackle Inbox Zero goals. Tasks, meetings, messages – all are managed instantly from a familiar environment.

Practical benefits abound. Visualizing schedules in a timeline makes calendar coordination simpler. Delegating work through inbox conversations maintains accountability without detouring elsewhere. Reminders keep important communications and deadlines top of mind to stay focused.

Flow-e preserves users’ email data by presenting a fresh perspective, not storing messages externally. This retention of control over sensitive information brings peace of mind.

Above all, Flow-e delivers a streamlined solution tailored to managers and solopreneurs. Its customized workflows let individuals control how they maximize efficiency. By centralizing systems directly in Outlook, where habits already live, Flow-e is a true one-stop shop for on-the-go productivity. Its seamlessness is why so many find it a true game-changer.

What You Get in Flow-e’s Free Plan

  • Task board featuring unlimited columns
  • Incorporate notes, to-dos, and due dates directly into emails
  • View your calendar in a timeline format
  • Attach notes and to-dos to calendar events
  • Utilize standalone task cards within the workflow
  • Organize conversations by topic for improved collaboration

Flow-e Customer Ratings

This free kanban software has an overall 4.7 out of 5 rating on G2

What Do Users Think About Flow-e

“I like best the multiple kanban boards and availability to make the columns shorter so I have more visibility on the screen. Other thing I love is the timeline and how the daily meetings are highlighted – no way missing one.”

11. Nifty

Unique Value Proposition (UVP): “Nifty is a one-stop project management platform that integrates workflows, tasks, documentation, discussions, and reporting. Its Kanban-inspired interface allows distributed teams to collaboratively plan, track, and optimize projects in real-time across multiple views and digital workspaces.

Nifty's Kanban View empowers users to flexibly organize, collaborate, and prioritize work tasks. 
A screenshot of Nifty’s Kanban View interface showcasing flexible organization, collaboration features, and deadline management.

Nifty offers highly customizable Kanban views that provide unique visibility and control over work. Project managers can leverage intuitive drag-and-drop workflows to optimize their teams’ efficiency.

Some key Kanban differentiators in Nifty include the ability to create fully customized swimlanes, lists, and statuses tailored to any work methodology. Granular column filters and views like Calendar synchronize all stakeholders without redundant status meetings.

Tasks are easily reorganized between stages with a simple drag, reflecting progress updates organization-wide in real-time. Dependency relationships prevent bottlenecks, while bulk actions expedite routine processes.

Automic task assignments and recurring items optimize resource allocation. Converting lists to trackable milestones further streamlines progress tracking. Contextual data like custom fields and subtasks promote transparency.

Comprehensive timesheet functionality holds teams accountable for deadlines. Drilling into task details from high-level project overviews fosters shared understanding. Powerful reporting then surfaces actionable insights to improve continuously.

Nifty’s adjustable Kanban framework transforms static status boards into dynamic command centers. It empowers knowledge workers across functions to iteratively refine workflows, eliminate inefficiencies, and deliver greater value through increased visibility and team alignment.

What You Get in Nifty’s Free Plan

  • Tasks
  • Milestones
  • Discussions
  • Docs
  • Files
  • Team Chat
  • Portfolios
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Task Dependencies
  • Milestone Dependencies
  • Team Members – Unlimited
  • Storage Space- 100 MB
  • Active Projects- 2

Nifty Customer Ratings

This free kanban software has an overall 4.7 out of 5 rating on G2

What Do Users Think About Nifty

  • “The Kanban, List, and Timeline views allow for flexible task management, while the built-in discussion threads and document-sharing capabilities make it easy to collaborate and share knowledge across teams.”
  • “My team enjoys the challenge of our tasks and the instant communication helps everyone stay focused. We appreciate Nifty’s user-friendly interface, which is easy for everyone to master, and its exceptional file management capabilities.”

12. MeisterTask

Unique Value Proposition (UVP): “MeisterTask provides a flexible, Kanban-inspired workspace to manage teams’ daily tasks and projects. Its visual boards and customization options empower users to streamline workflows, track progress, and boost collaboration in a simple, intuitive interface.

A screenshot showcasing MeisterTask's Kanban-style project board interface with task cards arranged in columns.
MeisterTask’s Kanban-style project boards seamlessly digitalize workflows, offering a clear and beautiful interface for gaining instant insights into task progress. 

MeisterTask’s Kanban boards provide a unique and highly effective way to visualize workflows and manage tasks. The flexible, drag-and-drop boards allow users to customize their workflows to match their specific processes easily. Actions like sorting tasks into color-coded sections provide at-a-glance clarity on where each task and project stands.

This clear visualization is highly valuable for teams, as it ensures everyone has transparency into ongoing work and dependencies. Users can seamlessly assign tasks, see due dates, track progress, and manage workloads on Kanban boards. The boards update in real time, keeping remote and co-located team members equally in the loop.

Key features like workflows, work-in-progress limits, and automation take the Kanban methodology to the next level. Users can define custom workflows with step-by-step processes. WIP limits maintain focus by alerting users when sections become overloaded. Automation saves valuable time by streamlining common task updates and actions.

The boards also integrate tightly with other valuable features. Tasks house all relevant details, files, notes, and conversations in one place. Timeline and Gantt views provide alternative configurable views of projects and due dates. The personal Agenda board gives users full control over their workload visibility and management.

Overall, MeisterTask’s Kanban boards empower teams with an intuitive and flexible way to define, track, and optimize their processes in real time. The powerful complementary features take task management and collaboration to new levels of effectiveness. This ensures that MeisterTask users consistently benefit from increased transparency, productivity, and results.

What You Get in MeisterTask’s Free Plan

Task management includes:

  • Managing up to 3 projects
  • Adding unlimited project members
  • Customizing project boards
  • Creating up to 5 collaborative notes

MeisterTask Customer Ratings

This free kanban software has an overall 4.6 out of 5 rating on G2

What Do Users Think About MeisterTask

  • “MeisterTask has a clean and user-friendly design that enables users to leverage this project management solution remarkably easily. Also, it’s pretty straightforward to manage several projects and sub-tasks at the same time.”
  • “MeisterTask is really easy to just pick up and use. I love the colorful kanban style boards and the fact that I can have all of my most essential tasks placed on my main dashboard. It’s also the prettiest task manager I’ve ever used.”

Tips to Choose the Ideal Kanban App for Your Team

Choosing the right Kanban app for your team ensures smooth workflow management. With many options available, it’s essential to hone in on the key criteria that align with your team’s needs. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the selection process effectively:

  • Visualization: Opt for a kanban software that offers a user-friendly interface, mimicking the simplicity of a physical whiteboard. Ensure that the representation of tasks and progress is easily understandable. Look for visual cues for notifications to keep everyone in the loop effortlessly.
  • Cost: Consider the initial cost and long-term expenses associated with the Kanban app. Look for options that offer a free trial period to test compatibility with your team’s requirements. Factor in the pricing scalability concerning the number of boards and team members in your organization.
  • Security: Ensure the safety of your data by choosing a free kanban software that supports robust encryption measures. Explore hosting the app on your server for added security and control over sensitive information.
  • Support: Assess the availability and accessibility of customer support services. Determine if live support is included in the package or requires an upgrade to a premium plan. Hassle-free support ensures smooth troubleshooting and assistance whenever needed.
  • Extras: Explore the range of customizable features the Kanban app offers to tailor your boards according to specific preferences. Look for calendar widgets, task assignments, notifications, and themes to enhance productivity and organization.
  • Onboarding and Training: Consider the learning curve associated with the free online kanban board and evaluate the vendor’s provisions for onboarding and training. Seamless transition and adequate support during the implementation phase are crucial for maximizing user adoption and efficiency.
  • Flexibility: Select a kanban app that offers flexibility and scalability to accommodate your company’s evolving needs and growth trajectory. A robust and adaptable solution ensures long-term viability and relevance to your workflow management processes.

By carefully considering these factors, you can confidently choose the ideal Kanban app that aligns with your team’s goals and enhances productivity and collaboration.

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