Benefits of Divergent thinking and how to use it.

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What is Divergent thinking? 

Divergent thinking is also called lateral thinking which is a thought process of coming up with multiple creative ideas to overcome a problem and generate a solution. 

Divergent thinking is often a non-restricted, non-linear, and free-flowing chain of thoughts to let new ideas come as and when they occur. Six thinking hats is one of the techniques used to come up with such unique ideas. 

What are the benefits of Divergent thinking? 

Best Solution

Divergent thinking aids to come up with unique solutions to the issue at hand. A divergent thinker is likely to explore all the possible solutions to the issue and choose the one that suits perfectly. 

Boosts Teamwork

While brainstorming ideas as a part of divergent thinking, when the first and the most basic idea is dismissed, it makes room to invite ideas that are out of the box. The team makes sure that everyone’s ideas are heard and not dismissed without giving a clear thought of comparison. Thus, it enhances collaboration and team morale

Higher Flexibility

In the times of complex problems, divergent thinking facilitates proactive problem solving as opposed to restrictive problem solving. It allows the team to adjust their plans and processes in order to accommodate the new solution. 

How to use divergent thinking? 

It must be made sure that divergent thinking is done in moderation as too much of anything is harmful. Excess divergent thinking can bring in a pool of ideas without a solution or implementation. 

This is where convergent thinking becomes useful. Convergent thinking organizes and gives structure to the thought process, separating those with quality and potential from the others. 

Divergent thinking is needed to gather free-flowing and non-linear ideas. However, to give these ideas some structure, convergent thinking is essential. Both of these are valuable.

On one hand, divergent thinking empowers an individual to explore all the possibilities and options while on the other hand, convergent thinking ensures that the right choice of solution is made. 


Q: What is the difference between divergent thinking and convergent thinking? 

A: Divergent thinking is a thought process of gathering free-flowing, non-linear ideas that help to explore all the possibilities in order to tackle a problem. Convergent thinking is a process of organizing ideas and thoughts in a way that provides clarity in making a good decision. 

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