What is General Availability? General Availability meaning, explanation, and FAQs.

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What is General Availability?

When a finalized version of the product is made available for the general public/consumer then it is the condition of general availability. 

It is the final stage in a software release life cycle.

A different stage of product availability can be the beta version stage where a trial version is made available to a limited portion of the public for feedback before advancing to general availability.

All the rectifications, iterative testing, and surveying now pay off if the generally available product receives market acceptance. 


Q: What is a beta version?

A: It is a version of a product (typically software) made available to a limited public to use for a trial and provide feedback before making the product generally available.

Q: What is an Alpha release? 

A: It is like a beta release but it is conducted pre-beta stage and only the people from a group within the company are made to use the product. The product is at an unfinished stage, the alpha release is carried out to tweak bugs or any other issues that are negatively affecting the workability of the product.

Q: What major stages are involved in a product release? 

A: A software release cycle has following stages- 

Pre Alpha (development release), Alpha, Beta, release to manufacturing, general availability.

Q: What is a software release life cycle?

A: A software release life cycle is the depiction of the stages of development and maturity for a piece of a software product.

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