Method of Procedure (MOP): A Simple Guide (2022 Updated)

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method of procedure

Method Of Procedure (MOP)

MOP Definition

“Method of Procedure (MOP) is defined as the steps taken to complete a specific task. It is often used in computer programming and many other disciplines, including business.”

The method of procedure is basically a set of methods you opt for completion of any project. It helps the employees in the project process by reducing complexities by providing a set of step by step instructions. 

The main purpose of the method of procedure is to achieve the target by guiding the actions.

It is quite useful in data centers. 

The MOP examines the procedures in an operation in detail.

Though every MOP varies depending on the project, the basic components of MOP are: version control, author, date, identifier and the approval signature.

The other information that an MOP has, include prerequisites, safety necessities, special tools and parts, procedure sequencing, and a back-out plan.

What Is the Origin of Method of Procedure?

Initially, businesses developed the method of procedure to ensure their teams performed the given tasks efficiently.  It was primarily designed for the technical staff. 

Method of procedure (MOP) facilitated the teams to perform tasks using specific tools in a particular sequence, and it also helped in recording their work step-by-step.

What is the use of Method of Procedure (MOP)?

Method of procedure helps implement new features to the product, and it is beneficial in process building and helps manage complex data centers. 

The method of procedure helps companies to eliminate ambiguous estimations and human errors.

The step-by-step process helps improve the focus towards the target by providing streamlined guidance.

You can use the method of procedure to create a process for introducing a new product request from the stakeholders. Method of procedure also helps to broaden the product roadmap.

How Can a Product Team Leverage the Method of Procedure?

The method of procedure can be helpful for the product team in several ways. 

  • It provides a framework for reviewing and prioritizing product requests.
  • It acts as a guide to determine the requirements for a product release and its priority.
  • One factor that makes the method of procedure successful is the people who use it. The team members have to have buy-in from stakeholders if they want to present a consistent approach to managing requirements.
  • Getting all participants to collaborate reduces confusion, saves time, and leads to better products.

What Are the Advantages of Using MOP?

The benefits of using a MOP are:

  • Organizations can use a method of procedure to eliminate guesswork and reduce the risk of disallowing a method claim.
  • The method of procedure provides a step-by-step guide on what occurs and how it occurs.
  • This method of procedure leads to an outcome that will contribute to the novelty or inventive step aspect of a claim.
  • The method of procedure provides clarity to third parties after being published. In other words, this makes it easier for others with similar technical backgrounds to understand without having any prior knowledge or experience in that field.

Method of Procedure (MOP) Template

Product management organizations can use the method of procedure template to standardize the methodologies for MOPs.

You can use the method of procedure template to measure process outputs, identify performance gaps, and develop improvements in the projects. 

Method of Procedure (MOP) Template
Method of Procedure (MOP) Template


Q: Difference between SOP and MOP

A: If you look at the SOP vs MOP procedure, a combination of MOPs forms an SOP. One MOP can be related to several different SOPs where each SOP tells us about alterations required in a regular operation. 

The SOP is a documented set of guidelines for completing tasks, whereas MOP focuses on step-by-step task handling. The objective of MOP is to execute and control actions required in product development. 

MOP is more detailed than SOP. It is easier to adapt and alter an SOP made from other separate MOPs.

Q: What are some of the examples of MOP implementation?

A: The examples of method of procedure include a new server installation at a data center. It is helpful for any product management firm. 

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