What is the Method of Procedure (MOP)? MOP definition, its use, and FAQs.

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Method Of Procedure (MOP) 

The method of procedure is basically a set of methods you opt for completion of any project. It helps the employees in the project process by reducing complexities by providing a set of step by step instructions. 

The main purpose of the method of procedure is to achieve the target by guiding the actions.

It is quite useful in data centers. 

The MOP examines the procedures in an operation in detail.

Though every MOP varies depending on the project, the basic components of MOP are: version control, author, date, identifier and the approval signature.

The other information that an MOP has, include prerequisites, safety necessities, special tools and parts, procedure sequencing, and a back-out plan.

What is the use of MOP?

Method of procedure helps in the implementation of new features to the product. It is beneficial in process building. It helps to manage complex data centers. 

MOPs help companies to eliminate ambiguous estimations and human errors.

The step by step process helps in improving the focus towards the target by giving streamlined guidance.

MOP can be used for the creation of a process for introduction of a new product request from the stakeholders.

It also helps in the broadening of the product roadmap.


Q: How is method of procedure (MOP) different from standard operating procedures (SOP)? 

A: SOP can be formed by the combination of MOPs. One MOP can be related to a number of different SOPs. SOP tells us about alterations required in a normal operation. 
SOP is a documented set of guidelines for achieving task completion whereas MOP focuses on step-by-step task handling. The objective of MOP is to execute and control actions required in product development. 
MOP is more detailed than SOP. It is easier to adapt and alter an SOP made from other separate MOPs.

Q: What are some of the examples of MOP implementation?

A: Examples of method of procedure include, a new server installation at a data center. It is useful for any product management firm. 

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