What is Monthly Recurring Revenue? MRR calculation, importance, and FAQs.

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monthly recurring revenue

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Monthly Recurring Revenue

Monthly recurring revenue(MRR) is a metric related to SaaS business and subscription-based businesses. It measures the income generated over a span of one month. 

Recurring revenue is that income that is expected to be consistent or regular. It is measured usually on a monthly or yearly basis. 

SaaS businesses are fully dependent on recurring revenue.

MRR can be compared with other subscription business aspects like monthly sign up rate, monthly account growth rate, customer retention, etc.

It’s a method to average the firm’s varied cost plans and billing sessions into one, consistent number whose variations can be analysed over a period of time.

MRR reflects the progressions and depression in the revenue generation.

Formula for MRR 

MRR = Monthly ARPU × Total no. of monthly users

ARPU = Average revenue per user

The procedure of calculation of MRR has the following approach: 

(i) align the data on subscriptions values and customers. Divide contract value with a number of months.
(ii) add up the subscription column. This is MRR for any particular month.
(iii) now after getting the MRR you break it down to segments like add on, churn, as per your requirement 
(iv) calculate the growth MRR by, 
Growth MRR = (New MRR + add-on MRR) – Churn MRR 

Importance of MRR 

MRR is a metric that helps in better management and decision making. MRR is vital for these reasons: 

(i) Financial planning and forecasting: When you get consistent revenue over a period of time, you get an idea about where the business is heading and you can plan accordingly. 

(ii) Computation of growth and momentum: MRR can be seen as a growth indicator in SaaS businesses. The MRR rise or fall indicates the momentum your business has.


Q: What is the use of MRR calculation?

A: For any business that has recurring revenue models like subscription based businesses or SaaS businesses the calculation of monthly recurring revenue helps you to measure the profitability and progress of your business. 

Q: How do you calculate monthly recurring revenue?

A: (i) calculate the total revenue generated over a month.
(ii) find out the average monthly amount paid by all users.
(iii) multiply this average by the total number of users.

Q: What is average recurring revenue? 

A: The average income generated per user is the average recurring revenue.
It is calculated by multiplying the total number of users or subscribers by the average amount paid by them for services over a month.

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