What is Ship Product?

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ship product

What is meant by Ship Products?

A ship product is not the final product of general availability; instead, they are unfinished versions that are released to gather feedback at various levels of product development. This is an iterative process

The fundamental version of the product is created and alterations are made to it based on the customer experience.

Features are added for testing. This is called feature shipping. 

The objective is to reach the best levels of product refinement and customer success. 

Benefits of Ship Products

The main benefit of the ship product approach is that it ensures rectification and enhancement within the product development process that is underway. 

A rather straight approach where the product development is finished and the product is launched without feedback may turn out to be fatal in terms of customer success.


In a design workflow of ship product iteration, quick successive prototyping and shipping occur synchronously. 

The team performs successive iterations on the prototypes and registers self-feedback or team feedback, then performs a shipping iteration and registers the user feedback. Then again team level Iterations are done followed by a shipping Iteration.

This way through multiple cycles of team feedback and user feedback the final product gets designed. 


Q: What is meant by shipping features? 

A: It means adding features to test and examine if they are to be retained in the final product. Feature shipping can be based on customer feedback or can be added to fetch customer feedback. The objective is to make the product better at every testing. 

Q: Where to ship the product? 

A: For an established business the existing users can provide for the test audience. From these customers, you can select some to test and gain the feedback or have a customer advisory board that can test and give feedback. 

Other than that, startups can take help from other websites and groups that help in product testing.

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