What is a Standup? Importance, FAQs

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What is a Standup? 

A standup is a short meeting that is held daily for team members to discuss their work progress. It is usually held before or after a sprint

The interesting part is, the meeting is held while all members are standing so that it is kept short, focused, and concise. But remember, a standup can also happen while seated (especially in a remote environment). It’s a matter of preference. 

In a standup, the team members often discuss what work they have completed so far and discuss what they are going to accomplish in the upcoming work session. 

It helps to analyze if there is anything that is inhibiting productivity or blocking progress. If something like that comes across, solutions are collectively found to move forward and overcome the challenge. 

Standups are really vital for team productivity, communication, and are at the core of agile development framework


Q: What is a standup?

A: Standups are at the core of any agile development framework. These are short meetings that are held to discuss the work progress of team members and gather feedback on what they have accomplished so far. It helps to eliminate productivity blockers and improve team communication. 

Q: How long should a standup last? 

A: Standups usually last for an average of 15 minutes and not exceeding 30 minutes. They are planned in a way to keep them short, concise, and up to the point. 

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