What is Sprint Goal?

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What is a Sprint Goal?

Sprint goal is a clear set of aims and objectives to be achieved in a particular sprint when the task is implemented. These goals are collaboratively decided by the product owner and the development team right at the beginning of the sprint. Sprint goals should be specific, clear, and measurable in order to deliver overall strategic objectives. 

A clear goal setting for the sprint gives direction for a sprint. If at any point, the work diverts from the sprint goals, it acts as a torch bearer to keep track and return to the original path. An effective sprint goal can also help to manage the stakeholders


What is responsible for setting the sprint goal?

The responsibility of setting a sprint goal lies in the hands of scrum master.

Why is a sprint goal important?

Sprint goal gives a clear direction to a sprint and whenever the work diverts from this path, it helps to bring it back on the original track. It helps to set priorities and enhance team building. 

Stakeholder management is also a result of the sprint goal

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