What is a Product Requirements Document? Product Requirements Document definition, and FAQs.

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What is a Product Requirements Document?

A Product Requirements Document (PRD) defines the detailed outline of a product, its requirements, purpose, features, functionalities, etc.

In simpler terms, a PRD is written to allow people to understand what your product is intended to do.

The PRD serves as a reference for all the future documents in the release and even acts as a record for all the features required in the product. 

A PRD is more commonly used in the Waterfall development model, but can also be used in an agile environment. 


Q: Why is a PRD required?

A: A Product Requirements Documents essentially outlines the whole purpose of your product, the target audience for your product, how to use it, and many other intricate details regarding the same. Having a good PRD beforehand can act as a good starting point for any product. 

Q: What is the difference between Market Requirements Document(MRD) and Product Requirements Document(PRD)?

A: MRD describes the opportunities and the requirements in the current market whereas a PRD is related much more to the product, its purpose, requirements, and essentials.

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