What is Issue Tracking? Issue tracking explanation and FAQs.

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What is Issue Tracking? 

Issue tracking is a process of examining the issues faced by the users in case of a software product

Issue tracking adds a structured process to the decision-making. The objective of this tracking is to find a bug or some other kind of obstacle that is hindering the workflow of a software program. It does a complete analysis of the bug or error (the issue). 

An issue tracking system is a software package tool used for issue management. 

A major application of the issue tracking system is seen in the customer support department. The employees record the user issues then analyze and resolve them. 

Why do we need an Issue Tracking system?

Through issue tracking, you gain an ordered set of methods aimed at identifying and rectifying or solving the queries, errors, bugs, and other hindrances that are encountered by the software user.

To mention some of the fundamental reasons of using an issue tracking system: 

  1. To monitor each and every issue, irrespective of the type of problem or concerned department.  
  2. To keep track of the measures taken on tackling the issue. 
  3. To keep the users updated about what action has been taken on their issues. 

Objectives of Issue Tracking

Recording: It helps to record the decision, to register who makes it and when, and what is the objective. This aids in the issue or decision reviewing by taking into account new information.  

Issue identification or Capturing: To whom a particular issue has to be reported, which department shall act on it. Issue tracking system allows having a central place for issue capturing and managing bugs, queries, tasks etc. 

Accountability: To keep track of who said what and when regarding a certain issue

Resolving: To understand the nature of the problem and what approach was followed to resolve it with notes about the process. 

Reviewing: It is the last stage where it is checked and examined if all the things are working optimally and the reviews are updated in the notes. 

Process of Issue Tracking 

The process initiates with identification of user’s problems with the software services. 

These are reported to specific teams that work on resolving these issues. The code is tested for internal bug reporting. 

After the software product is launched, external bug reporting is done through user feedback. 

This is a step-by-step process. First, a tracking system is used to record and register the errors or issues. The system also allocates the issues to the teammates. 

Issues are then categorized on their priority levels based on the feature that is to be modified. 

Issues that are most alarming and need to be addressed immediately are marked as high priority. Same way normal and low priority issues are registered.  

In the final step, the bugs that are fixed are released for testing. After this, testing is conducted to ensure that the issues are resolved effectively. 

Benefits of Issue Tracking

  • As the main motive is to track and solve issues, the issue tracking process results in giving an improved product. 
  • The reports of the tracking system serve as an information centre. The issues and their solutions are noted down for future reference. 
  • Better service to the user since the bugs, problems, and issues related to the product are ironed out. 
  • Task management is eased through issue identification and prioritization.


Q: What is meant by an issue? 

A: An issue can be a hurdle, challenge, query, error, or bug encountered by a user while experiencing the product services. Issues are markers of product shortcomings. Tracking and resolving issues is a step towards creating a better product. 

Q: What are some of the best issue tracking software? 

A: HubSpot, AtlassianJira, Zoho, Backlog, HappyFox, Airbrake, Freshservice are some of the common issue tracking software used in the industry.

Q: What is bug tracking? 

A: It is the process of reporting and monitoring bugs in a software program. Bugs are errors in the code.

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