10 Best Ecommerce Product Management Software for 2023

Best Ecommerce Product Management Software

The success of ecommerce mainly depends on three vital factors: product management, sales, and stock distribution. 

Many companies are averse to hiring a product manager or investing in good ecommerce product management software. It may complicate the process of a business or not contribute to sales at all. However, contrary to popular belief, there are many advantages of getting a product manager on board and choosing the right ecommerce product management software. 

They develop products that are oriented toward the target market. Product managers use ecommerce product management software to conduct market research and use consumer insights to craft the ecommerce interface such that users are guided throughout the purchasing process. Also, product managers use these tools to prioritize time and make the best decisions within a limited time. 

Having ecommerce product management software also checks for product quality. By doing an in-depth study of the system you will launch, you can become an expert and critic of your projects.

Therefore to offer the best product and product experience to your customers, stick with us through the end of this article, and find out the best software you can use which is affordable and easy to use. 

Let’s begin the exploration!

Why Do You Need Ecommerce Product Management Software?

The product manager’s job differs from company to company. The core of product management remains the same: business, product development, and users. 

Every industry twists the PM role to suit their style of business. When it comes to the ecommerce industry, the product which is the primary reason for users to engage and interact with it and gives you money is not limited to mobile or web apps. It goes way beyond that too. The product involves your customer’s experience while browsing, ordering, and receiving the package. The product can be software or physical. 

Traditional businesses and IT product management are different from Ecommerce. Since ecommerce is a more digital aspect of business, where customers spend time reading reviews of products online, ecommerce product management comes into the role here. 

You will need to have a few things figured out, like ecommerce analytics, seller support, customer experience, on-site search improvement, and much more. 985 users say they stopped a purchase because of insufficient product information. 84% of people say custom experience breaks or makes things. Quick product delivery helps shoppers have a wonderful experience with your ecommerce products. 

But how do you go about managing all these thousand things?

Enter ecommerce product management software.

Your ecommerce product management software, or rather the product manager for ecommerce that you hire, will mainly look after these three areas:

Product and the Merchandise:

This includes the product your company designs and manufactures, the end product your customers will eventually purchase and have a great experience with. 

Tech for the Consumer:

This is all the consumer-facing digital products, such as websites, apps, or channels that connect you with your customers, like emails, ads, etc.

This tech will also bring you your orders and generate revenue.

Tech for Non-consumer:

This tech looks after the business aspects such as operations, logistics, and payments.

Key Features in Ecommerce Product Management Software

Before diving into the key features of ecommerce product management software, let’s understand the one aspect behind product management: customers. 

Everything we as a company do should focus on one thing: serving customers and providing them with the best experience with your product.

Analyzing the Metrics

Tracking and analyzing various KPIs over time to better understand your ecommerce business and where it’s headed to improve it.


Your ecommerce product management software must ensure you can test the product against the necessary metrics. 

User Experience

You need to be able to run tests for user experience. This is most likely to yield high performance. 


Your ecommecre product management software must be able to help you to run tests for increasing conversion rates (CRO),

Market and User Research

To know how well your product is doing or to introduce new features, it is essential to have tools that guide you with market research.

Prioritization and ROI

This is one of the most critical parts of e-commerce product management. You can start by using methodologies such as agile and lean. 

10 Best Ecommerce Product Management Software


Best for: Ecommerce product management and testing user experience via surveys 

Chisel is an agile product management software
Chisel is an agile product management software 

What Makes Chisel One of the Best Ecommerce Product Management Software of 2023?

Statista mentions that over 1 billion users worldwide have purchased goods and products online. The number of internet users will increase in the upcoming years. Therefore it will become even more critical to develop your ecommerce websites. 

Chisel is the product management software that will help you not lose customers by helping you create a great user experience for your online store using customer research. 

Not just that, you can put your products, be it physical or software or even other products, into Chisel under components and features, and track how the products are progressing. 

Collecting customer feedback is necessary for any product or service, especially for ecommerce websites. It is how you get to know your customers and their experiences. 

Chisel’s Key Features

User survey tool by Chisel
User survey tool by Chisel
  • You can customize the pre-built survey templates from Chisel’s library to suit your needs. You can survey an audience you already have or survey a precise customer segment of your choosing via our audience panel.
  • Treeview helps you break down your product into components (epics) and features (stories). 
  • Timeline view provides you a wholistic view of a product’s lifecycle
  • Customer feedback integrations are Zendesk, Intercom, Email, and Salesforce
  • Easily import your product backlog and data from spreadsheets into Chisel using our CSV import tool. You can also export that same data just as easily!

Chisel is the best system you can invest in for your ecommerce website, which will help you maximize your sales revenue, grow market share and increase your profit margins organically by understanding your customers better!

Pricing: Sign up for free with the benefits of the essential package, premium is $49, and contact sales for the Enterprise pricing. 


Best for: Streamlining multichannel ecommerce

SalesWarp is an ecommerce product management software 
SalesWarp is an ecommerce product management software

What Makes SalesWarp One of the Best Ecommerce Product Management Software of 2023?

SalesWarp is a flexible, multichannel, and omnichannel product management system tailor-made for retailers and for streamlining multichannel ecommerce. 

The best part about this ecommerce product management software is that it automates updates in real-time and synchronizes sales channels. The order management system allows data to be put together in a particular container which helps track and identify the type of orders.

You can easily integrate it with third-party software such as FedEx, UPS, and others.  

SalesWarp’s Key Features

  • Inventory, product, supplier, customer, process, order, and shipping management
  • Publishing and warehouse management
  • Easy import and export tools
  • Categories and attribute management
  • Product sync

Pricing: Schedule a demo by signing up on SalesWarp’s website. 

Session Rewind

Best for: Optimizing web experience 

Session Rewind is a web experience optimizer software
Session Rewind is a web experience optimizer software 

What Makes Session Rewind One of the Best Ecommerce Product Management Software of 2023?

Note: A session is when someone engages with your website uninterruptedly. 

As the name suggests, Session Rewind is the ecommerce product management software for optimizing your web experience using video recordings of user interactions and behavior. 

Using this software, you can watch high-quality replay, bookmark and save sessions and get real-time notifications. 

Make the right product decisions using the funnels and conversion rates, heatmaps, and analytics. Sharing specific moments with timestamps and control access settings is also possible with Session Rewind. 

Session Rewind’s Key Features

  • Easily find sessions based on clicks, page views, custom interactions, and checkouts.
  • Check the issues such as javascript eros, network logs, and performance telemetry.
  • Data privacy guaranteed
  • Optimize multi-step funnels by addressing drop-off rates.
  • Provision access within your domain with Google SSO or login using secure magic links.

Pricing: Growth package of $14, Scale of $99, and get a quote for Enterprise.

Salsify CommerceXM

Best for: Commerce experience management 

Salsify ProductXM is a data and commerce management solution
Salsify ProductXM is a data and commerce management solution

What Makes Salsify CommerceXM One of the Best Ecommerce Product Management Software of 2023?

Salsify CommerceXM brings together data and commerce, allowing you to syndicate, manage and optimize at scale. The two most important factors of ecommerce come together with Salsify, product information management (PIM), and digital asset management (DAM) platforms. This allows you to continually give your customers great product experiences wherever they shop online. 

Salsify acts as a single point of contact for accommodating multiple versions of the truth for any endpoint. Integration with scheduled imports, exports, and APIs is possible with Salsify CommerceXM. 

Salsify ProductXM’s Key Features

  • Easily leverage data structures for your products, assets, orders, variants, and inventory.
  • Get the best integration, such as application programming interface(API) and digital asset management(DAM).
  • Audit management
  • Multistore and multichannel marketing
  • SEO and product lifecycle management

Pricing: Request for a demo. 


Best for: Behaviour analytics

Hotjar is a behavioural analytics software 
Hotjar is a behavioural analytics software 

What Makes Hotjar One of the Best Ecommerce Product Management Software of 2023?

Hotjar is a behavior analysis software that goes beyond traditional web analytics to understand your customers’ actions on your website. 

The session recordings Hotjar gives you help you to understand mouse movement, scrolling, and clicks on desktop, replay scrolling and taps on mobile whenever need be, get multiple page views and record keyboard strokes. 

You can also connect Hotjar with various popular apps to automate your work and focus on what matters most to you without coding. 

Hotjar’s Key Features

  • Helps visualize customer behavior using heatmaps
  • Recordings help you to eliminate any guesswork
  • Surveys and feedback guide you to show reasons behind user behavior
  • Get to hear from real users through surveys and instant visual feedback
  • Identify problematic web pages and get help with why users leave your website

Pricing: Starting from $32.00/month, pricing model: free, subscription, free trial: Available (no credit card required), get quotes for business, and scale pricing packages. 


Best for: an all-in-one platform to build an online presence 

Sqaurespace lets you build a website and take care of ecommerce too. 
Sqaurespace lets you build a website and take care of ecommerce too. 

What Makes Squarespace One of the Best Ecommerce Product Management Software of 2023?

Squarespace is the best ecommerce product management software because it is an all-encompassing tool. It helps you create a website by selecting templates, fonts, and colors. Not just that, the next step after building a website is to take care of ecommerce, which also is taken care of by Squarespace. It lets you explore tools you wish to add, such as tools to set up an online store, book services, or add your favorite third-party extensions. 

The end step of marketing your business in the inbox and social media feeds also is possible with Squarespace. It takes care of email campaigns and social media tools to retain users and organically grow your audience. With their SEO tools, you can find exactly where your web traffic is coming from, what they are looking for, and how they interact with your products with analytical tools. 

Squarespace’s Key Features

  • Powerful SEO tools
  • In-depth analytics tools
  • Best-in-class commerce integrations on your website
  • Sell services and manage an online store with tools available
  • Sell subscriptions, digital content, and in-person products as well. 

Pricing: Starts at $16 per month, Business subscription is for $23/mo, commerce basic is for $27/mo, and commerce advanced is for $49/per month. 


Best for: Portfolio Website building

Pixpa is a portfolio website building software 
Pixpa is a portfolio website building software 

What Makes Pixpa One of the Best Ecommerce Product Management Software of 2023?

Pixpa’s easy and advanced functions help you save time, sell your products, and work with clients, to grow your business online.

Pixpa’s 60+ mobile-friendly, pixel-perfect, and beautiful templates fit all styles and any requirements you may have. The drag-and-drop page builder tool lets you easily add pages to your website. Built-in tools such as marketing pop-ups, announcement bars, SEO manager, and others make it effortless to grow traffic organically and generate more leads without needing additional plug-ins.

You also get all tools needed to build a full-featured ecommerce site and run your business online. The best part about Pixpa is its feature for photographers to sell their images as prints or downloads. 

Pixpa’s Key Features

  • The All-in-one platform includes an integrated online store, client galleries, and blogs.
  • Personalize your website with a custom favicon.
  • All design changes you make on the web are viewable and published to your website in real-time.
  • Your website’s sitemap is automatically generated and made available to search engines to index your site correctly.
  • Google Analytics for tracking, monitoring, and analyzing your web traffic
  • Enhance your web functionality with dozens of third-party integrations

Pricing: Pixpa offers all-inclusive affordable plans: personal – $7/month, expert – $12/month, business – $16/month

Lightspeed eCommerce

Best for: creating and managing online stores to sell products.

Lightspeed eCommerce is a multichannel ecommerce platform 
Lightspeed eCommerce is a multichannel ecommerce platform

What Makes Lightspeed eCommerce One of the Best Ecommerce Product Management Software of 2023?

Lightspeed ecommerce is a one-stop, multichannel ecommerce platform specifically designed for retailers to scale their business and deliver excellent customer ecommerce experiences.

Importing data from the previous store is also possible using CSV or XLS file formats.

You can easily add customizable pricing, create discounts, and much more using Lightspeed e-commerce’s unified dashboard. There are also customizable templates available for categorizing products on the basis of colors, prizes, sizes, and other filters. This helps in optimizing web navigation and attracting customers. 

Integration with EasyPost and ShipStation, allows managers to track and monitor shipping. Connect with multiple social media accounts with prebuilt SEO tools. 

Lightspeed eCommerce’s Key Features

  • Accounting integration
  • Content, discount, inventory, product data, purchase order, and multichannel management
  • Sales trend analysis
  • Multi-store, SEO, website, and ecommerce management
  • Real-time data

Pricing: Lean package is 119 USD/mo, Standard pricing is 169 USD/mo, and Advanced is 249 USD/mo. For the enterprise package, you can get a quote. 

NetSuite Commerce 

Best for: Visibility into the operational and financial performance of your business

Netsuite Commerce is an operational and financial performance manager system 
Netsuite Commerce is an operational and financial performance manager system 

What Makes NetSuite One of the Best Ecommerce Product Management Software of 2023?

Netsuite is an ecommerce product management solution that helps you operate your business effectively by automating your core business processes and giving you real-time visibility into the two aspects of operational and financial performance. 

Netsuite is a solution with a single integrated suite of applications that manages order processing, accounting, inventory management, supply chain, warehouse operations, and so much more. 

The best part about Netsuite is it gives your company visibility of everything, thereby giving you control over the business. 

NetSuite’s Key Features

  • Built-in flexibility that lets you adopt, scale up and even spin off new business
  • Commerce-ready ERP is a core business system that becomes your user-facing system that includes user-specific, customizable, and pixel-perfect experiences.
  • Native business intelligence
  • Flawless Order Management
  • Innovative experiences and ultimate business agility

Pricing: Available on request. 


Best for: Managing product catalog

Sellercloud is a product catalog manager software 
Sellercloud is a product catalog manager software 

What Makes Sellercloud One of the Best Ecommerce Product Management Software of 2023?

Sellercloud streamlines your operations with the omnichannel system optimized especially for your ecommerce business.

With Sellercloud, you can control your catalog, inventory, fulfillment, and purchasing. They give you robust integrations with various marketplaces and shopping carts, allowing you to control your company’s growth. You can easily make changes to your product descriptions and attributes.

You get full-suite reports which give you insights to measure your company’s and product performance across matrices. 

Sellercloud’s Key Features

  • Sellercloud account automatically syncs stock and inventory levels across all the integrated channels.
  • Transfer products between warehouses, track inventory, and track and monitor expiration dates with the WMS module
  • Customizable shipping rule plugins that let you automate carriers and help you select shipping methods. This saves your money and ensures users always receive their products on time. 

Pricing: Pay by the order 

Which Ecommerce Product Management Software Is Best for You?


I would recommend using Chisel because it is one of the best ecommerce product management software and its inbuilt survey templates and availing the audience panel, if you don’t have one, are the best features you can have.

The cherry on top is that it is also a product management software, thereby giving you space to create roadmaps for your products to track and monitor their progress on your ecommerce website. All this combine to make your customers love you and your products for them to return to you and spread the word. 


The second best ecommerce product management software is SalesWarp due to its ‘specifically tailor-made for retailers and streaming multichannel e-commerce’ combination. 

It automates your order fulfillment processes, improves product catalog functionality, and acts as a central hub for your multi-channel business.

The best part about this ecommerce product management software is that with every feature release, they are evolving and adapting to the changing times. 


I picked Squarespace as the third best tool because it gives you a package and free flows with the end-to-end ecommerce system. 

From crafting a website, looking at the ecommerce, and marketing, the business is all packaged into one system of Squarespace. 

Final Thoughts 

The best ecommerce product management softwares we have listed above are all the best ones we found that include all the features necessary to build a successful website and handle all the transactions till the end. 

However, we would also like to give you a heads-up on how every team and company’s needs differ. Therefore choosing the ones that best suit your style, needs, requirements, and budget is key to successfully building your e-commerce website.

Crafting great product requires great tools. Try Chisel today, it's free forever.