9 Enterprise Feedback Management Software: Solicit & Manage

Enterprise Feedback Management

In an era of big data, the customer’s voice has never been louder – or more important to listen to. 

As it is rightly said. 

‘In tough times, keeping our customers happy is more complex and critical.

That’s why enterprise feedback management (EFM) systems have become essential tools for businesses wanting to understand their customers and make better decisions. 

EFM is a critical part of any organization’s quality management system and can be used to improve communication, identify problems, and track progress. 

EFM is a relatively new concept, but it is quickly gaining popularity as more and more organizations strive to understand and improve the customer and employee experience. Forrester Research predicts that the EFM market will grow from $2.4 billion in 2019 to $6.1 billion by 2024. 

EFM is not new but has become increasingly important in the customer age. With the rise of social media and the 24/7 news cycle, businesses must be able to quickly gather and respond to feedback from all corners of the globe. Customers now expect more personalized service and are more likely to take their business elsewhere if they feel their needs are unmet.

However, the process may be technical and onerous if not dissected correctly. 

How to cope with that?

We’ve covered you. You don’t have to be in a stew. 

In this blog, we will cut all kinds of clutter revolving around Enterprise feedback management and give you all the necessary insights to ace yours.

If you’re considering implementing EFM in your business, you should know a few things. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of EFM, its benefits, and some tips for getting started.

If you are considering implementing an EFM solution in your organization, this article is for you.

Here, we will discuss the different components of EFM and how you can use it to improve your organization’s performance.

What Is Enterprise Feedback Management?

In simple terms, enterprise feedback management (EFM) is the process of collecting and acting on feedback from employees, customers, and other stakeholders. EFM aims to improve the overall quality of an organization’s products and services.

EFM involves the use of various feedback channels, such as surveys, focus groups, customer complaints, and social media. Feedback is then analyzed and used to inform decision-making at all levels of the organization.

While businesses traditionally use EFM, it can also be helpful for other types of organizations, such as nonprofits and government agencies. If you’re looking to improve the quality of your organization, enterprise feedback management could be a great place to start.

EFM typically includes four key steps:

  1. Collecting customer feedback
  2. Analyzing customer feedback
  3. Acting on customer feedback
  4. Measuring the impact of customer feedback

Each of these steps is important in its own right, but when done together, they can create a powerful feedback loop that can help businesses continually improve the customer experience.

Whether you’re just starting with EFM or looking to take your feedback program to the next level, these steps can help. 

Businesses can use various methods to collect customer feedback, including surveys, interviews, focus groups, and customer comment cards. Once customer feedback is collected, companies can use it to improve their products, services, and overall customer experience.

What Is Enterprise Feedback Management Software?

Enterprise feedback management (EFM) software is a type of customer feedback software that helps businesses gather, manage, and act on customer feedback at scale. EFM software typically includes customer surveys, NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys, customer support ticketing, and customer feedback analytics.

EFM software typically includes features such as survey design, customer segmentation, customer profiling, and reporting and analytics. 

EFM can be used for the following purposes:

  • Enterprise feedback management (EFM) software allows businesses to collect, track, and act on customer feedback.
  • EFM software is used to understand customer sentiment, improve customer experience, and drive business growth. By gathering and acting on customer feedback through this softwares, businesses can identify and address issues impacting the customer experience.
  • It is used by businesses of all sizes to improve customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.
  • EFM software can be used to collect feedback from multiple channels, including surveys, social media, and customer support interactions.
  • It can help businesses track the customer experience over time, allowing them to see the impact of changes and improvements.
  • It can be conducive for large enterprises that have complex feedback ecosystems. This software can help organizations standardize their feedback processes and get insights from customer feedback at scale.

If you want to improve customer satisfaction and grow your business, enterprise feedback management software may be the right solution.

Reasons Why Organizations Employed Enterprise Feedback Management Software?

Organizations employing enterprise feedback management software do so for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most obvious reason is to increase customer satisfaction rates. Other causes include reducing customer churn, improving customer loyalty, and reducing the amount of time it takes to resolve customer issues.

Organizations that have implemented enterprise feedback management software have seen various positive results. For example, one study found that customers who used the software were three times more likely to be satisfied with the resolution of their issue than those who did not. Additionally, customers who used the software were more likely to report an increase in loyalty and satisfaction with the organization overall.

There are many reasons why organizations might choose to employ enterprise feedback management software. The most common causes include the following:

  • To collect feedback from employees in a more efficient and effective way
  • To improve communication between employees and management
  • To engage employees in the feedback process
  • To improve the quality of feedback
  • To make the feedback process more fair and transparent

Now let’s embark upon some of the vital features of enterprise feedback management software.

Enterprise Feedback Management Software Key Features

Now that you are well versed with the basics. Let’s take you to the nitty gritty details of the software. To be genuinely successful in enterprise feedback management, it’s crucial to understand the features of the same.

Feedback forms and surveys are used to collect feedback from customers and employees. These forms can be embedded on websites, sent via email, or distributed in person. The software then compiles the responses and stores them in a central database.

Here are some of the key features to look for in a sound feedback management system:

Ease of use: The software should be easy to use. It should have a user-friendly interface that anyone can understand. It should also be easy to install and set up.

Scalability: The system should be able to scale to meet the needs of a growing business.

Data collection: The system should be able to collect data from various sources, including surveys, social media, and customer service interactions.

Data analysis: The system should be able to analyze data to identify trends and identify areas for improvement. Reporting and analytics can help businesses track and analyze feedback data. This data can be used to identify trends, spot customer pain points, and follow the effectiveness of feedback programs.

Reporting: The system should offer customizable reports so you can track progress and see the results of your feedback management efforts.

Customer segmentation: The software can also help businesses segment customers based on their feedback. This can be used to target specific groups of customers with tailored messages.

Feedback management: The software can help businesses track customer feedback and address issues in a timely manner. It allows businesses to collect feedback from employees, customers, and other stakeholders. It also provides a way to track and analyze this feedback.

Storage and Tracking: The software should be able to handle a large amount of data. It should be able to store and organize all of the feedback you collect. It should also be able to analyze this data and provide insights.

Workflow management: Helps businesses automate tasks related to feedback management. For example, a workflow could be created to send a customer satisfaction survey to customers after they purchase a product. This would allow businesses to collect feedback automatically and quickly.

9 Best Enterprise Feedback Management Software

To make informed decisions, businesses need to be able to collect and analyze feedback from their employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Enterprise feedback management software provides businesses the tools they need to do this.

When it comes to enterprise feedback management software, there are a lot of options to choose from. But which one is the best for your business?

There are many different enterprise feedback management software options on the market, so it can be challenging to know which is right for your business. 

Wondering where you would find just the right pick for your organization? Look no further. We have got you covered. We have pensively enlisted the best enterprise feedback management software for you to choose from. 

Keep reading and save those extra hours of research.

Here is a list of the 9 best enterprise feedback management software options based on features, ease of use, and price:

1. Chisel

Chisel is the leading enterprise feedback management software.

Collecting and acting on customer feedback effectively becomes increasingly essential as your business grows. But with so many customer touchpoints, knowing where to start can be challenging. That’s where the chisel comes in.

Chisel is the leading enterprise feedback management solution that helps businesses collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback at scale. With a Chisel, you can get a complete view of your customer’s experience, identify areas of improvement, and make the changes that will have the most significant impact on your business.

If you’re looking for a way to take your customer feedback to the next level, Chisel is the perfect solution. Request a demo today to see how Chisel can help your business grow.

2. FeedbackExpress

FeedbackExpress - the enterprise feedback management software

FeedbackExpress is a powerful, cloud-based software solution that helps online sellers automate and manage their feedback communication with buyers.

The software helps businesses gather and act on customer feedback to improve the customer experience.

3. Feedbackly

Feedbackly - the enterprise feedback management software-min

Feedbackly is the leading enterprise feedback management solution. With Feedbackly, you can collect and track customer feedback across all channels, including surveys, social media, NPS, and more. It gives you the insights you need to improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and drive growth.

4. Medallia

Medallia - the enterprise feedback management software-min

Medallia is the leading enterprise feedback management software. The easy-to-use platform helps businesses collect, track, and action customer feedback at every touchpoint. They offer powerful features to enable enterprises to increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and improve customer loyalty.

The platform is designed to help enterprises to make the most of customer feedback at every touchpoint.

5. Promoter

ecommerce feedback solution

The Promoter can help you to set up and manage your enterprise feedback management system, making it easy for you to get the most out of your customer feedback.

With Promoter, you can easily collect customer feedback, track it over time, and use it to improve your business.

6. Qualtrics

Enterprise XM Solutions

Qualtrics is the technology platform that organizations use to collect, manage, and act on feedback. Qualtrics platform makes collecting feedback from customers, employees, students, and other stakeholders easy. With Qualtrics, you can gather feedback about your products, services, and company culture. 

You can then use this feedback to improve your operations and make your organization more successful.

7. Survey Monkey

enterprise feedback management platform

At SurveyMonkey, feedback is critical to success. That’s why they offer enterprise feedback management solutions that help you collect and track feedback from customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

The feedback management solutions at survey monkey are designed to help you:

  • Collect feedback from multiple sources
  • Analyze feedback to identify trends and areas for improvement
  • Act on feedback to improve your products, services, and processes

8. Wootric

Wootric's enterprise feedback management solution

Wootric’s enterprise feedback management solution includes the following features for enterprise feedback management:

Customizable surveys: You can create surveys that ask the questions you want in the format you want.

Granular data: Wootric provides detailed data about each survey response, so you can identify trends and take action accordingly.

Robust reporting: Wootric’s reports are designed to help you make better product and customer experience decisions.

Customer success team: The team of experts will help you get the most out of Wootric, from survey design to data analysis.

9. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is powerful survey software

Zoho Survey is powerful survey software. You can create surveys that are reliable, efficient, and user-friendly. The enterprise feedback management features make it easy to collect, analyze, and act on feedback from employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive survey solution to help your organization gather actionable insights, Zoho Survey is the perfect tool. With our easy-to-use platform, you can create reliable, efficient, and user-friendly surveys. 

Take a look at the list and see which software is the best fit for your business.


As rightly said, loyal customers, are the stepping stones to organizational success. 

This blog has thoroughly examined every aspect of enterprise feedback management. If you are an established company or starting from scratch, do not mistake obviating feedback management.

Suppose you have read this blog to its fullest. In that case, you will know the importance, best practices, and options for enterprise feedback management. EFM software can help businesses automate and streamline this process, making it more efficient and effective.

Crafting great product requires great tools. Try Chisel today, it's free forever.