7 Feature Request Tools To Collect & Organize Feedback

Feature Request Tools

Most businesses understand the importance of customer feedback. After all, without feedback, it can be challenging to gauge how well your products or services are performing.

But many businesses don’t realize that a simple tool like a feature request tool can make a world of difference when collecting feedback.

Here’s the problem: customer feedback can be all over the place without a feature request form. You might get some feedback through social media, some via email and some through good old-fashioned word of mouth.

But trying to keep track of all this feedback can be a nightmare. It’s hard to keep track of all the different channels, let alone try to make sense of the feedback itself.

Enter the feature request tool. By having a central place where customers can leave their feedback, you can make the feedback process much simpler and more organized. This feature will not only simplify the process for you to keep track of feedback but also for you to respond to it.

However, there are a lot of different feature request tools out there, and it can be tough to decide which one to use.

This guide will look at the top feature request tools to assist you in making your decision.

Criteria for Selecting Feature Request Tool

1. Friendliness: The tool should have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

2. Organization vs. management features: Make sure the tool you select offers the essential features of your organization. Some tools are geared more towards management, while others offer more features for individual users. The tool’s features should be geared more towards helping you track and manage requests rather than features designed for management purposes. 

3. Communication: The tool should allow for accessible communication between customers and your organization. It could include features like a customer portal or live chat.

4. Pricing: Consider the cost of the tool and whether it fits within your budget. Some tools offer a free trial to test them before committing to a purchase.

5. Integration: Ensure the selected tool can easily integrate with your existing systems. Integrations could include things like CRM or project management software.

Key Features of Feature Request Tool

Request Tracking:

You must track and manage requests easily with a feature request tool. This way, you will be able to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and that all requests get addressed promptly.

Request Management:

A feature request tool must help you manage your requests more effectively. With features like request categorization, you must ensure that requests are appropriately prioritized and assigned to the right team member.

Request Workflow:

A feature request tool must enable you to automate your request workflow. This way, you will be able to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time developing new features that your users will love.


One key feature to look for in a feature request tool is templates. Templates help standardize how requests are submitted, making it easier for your team to process them. 

You must be able to customize request forms to include all the relevant information your team needs. That is to assess a request, which can differ for each team or project. A template ensures that everyone is on the same page and that no crucial details are left out.


The last key feature to look for is reporting. Reporting is essential for two main reasons. First, it enables you to track the progress of requests and see how your team is doing. 

Second, it provides valuable data you can use to improve your team’s work. Reports can be customized to show whatever information you need and can be exported and shared with other stakeholders.

7 Feature Request Tools to Collect & Organize Feedback


As a product manager, it’s essential to have a platform to help you organize your team, get client feedback, and build products that meet user demand.

A top product management software like Chisel is an excellent option for those looking for a single platform to help with all these tasks. With Chisel, you can create product roadmaps, manage teams, and get feedback all in one place. 

Key Features:

Prioritization Drivers:

A glance at Chisel’s Prioritization Drivers.
A glance at Chisel’s Prioritization Drivers.

Chisel’s Prioritization Drivers are those in line with the KPIs or long-term objectives of the firm. These drivers are crucial to assess each feature and establishing a prioritizing score. 

Your objectives must connect in importance and impact to compare features effectively. The driver’s score will help you determine which features to prioritize.


Manage features and their priority effectively with the help of the Treeview Tool.
Manage features and their priority effectively with the help of the Treeview Tool.

When developing new products, deciding which efforts or features should get prioritized can be difficult.

Chisel’s Treeview tool can help with this by allowing users to easily navigate and review all the different features that Chisel is working on and considering for inclusion in their product. 

It can facilitate collaboration, increase productivity, and help you return to producing exceptional products.

Report Out:

Chisel’s reports are a great way to keep stakeholders informed of your company’s progress. 

You can use it to contact various company stakeholders and keep them updated on your plans. Additionally, marketing teams can use Chisel’s reports to inform customers of the company’s objectives, plans, and strategies. 

Each page includes a thorough summary of each feature, making it an invaluable tool for any business.

Team Radar Pillar:

One of the four powerful tools in the Team Radar pillar is the Team Participation Tool, where team members can quickly vote and comment on each feature.
One of the four powerful tools in the Team Radar pillar is the Team Participation Tool, where team members can quickly vote and comment on each feature.

If you’re looking for a solution to get everyone on your team on the same page, Chisel’s Team Radar pillar is a great option.

This pillar offers four separate, linked views to help you rate features and understand your product. That way, you can be sure that everyone’s voices get acknowledged and that your product has the best chance of success.

Feedback Portal:

Chisel's Feedback Portal lets you determine what your customers think about your feature (s).
Chisel’s Feedback Portal lets you determine what your customers think about your feature (s).

Customers can submit suggestions and view all recommendations made by other customers. 

You can also use the publish feature to let customers know about features you’re working on or intend to release. 

Customers can rate features and provide priorities, and PMs can see these submissions on the feedback site. This tool is a sure-shot way to get feedback from your customers and ensure that your product meets their needs.

Idea Box:

Chisel's Idea Box tool allows you to save all your ideas and suggestions in one location, ensuring they won't get lost in the shuffle.
Chisel’s Idea Box tool allows you to save all your ideas and suggestions in one location, ensuring they won’t get lost in the shuffle.

It’s a central repository for all suggestions, requests for new functionality, and other improvements that users or team members have for the product. 

With so many great ideas, managing and prioritizing them all can be challenging. That’s where Idea Box comes in. It helps you gather, organize, evaluate, and enhance your feature ideas to make the most of them. 


Savio is worth checking out. It’s simple to use and very lightweight, yet still powerful. With Savio, teams can easily prioritize features based on their most essential criteria after drilling down to discover which customers want. This feedback request tool helps teams obtain user feedback in a consolidated and organized manner.

Key Features:

  • Savio is simple to use, making tracking product ideas and customer feedback easy.
  • The feature request tool centralizes and organizes product feedback, which makes it easier to keep track of product ideas and prioritize development.
Savio allows you to centralize product feedback without exiting current tools.
Savio allows you to centralize product feedback without exiting current tools.
  • Savio updates your dev tools’ status as features are processed, making it easier to track product development.
  • Savio makes it easy to see which features are requested by different customer segments, which can help you prioritize your development efforts.
  • It automatically updates your development tools’ status so that you can track the progress of requested features.
  • Savio allows customers and coworkers to see requests and quickly close the loop.
You can easily close the loop using Savio’s preexisting email templates.
You can easily close the loop using Savio’s preexisting email templates.
  • Savio helps you identify your most valuable customers’ wants based on customer attribute segmentation.
  • By using Savio, you can identify critical requests based on volume or probable MRR.
  • Customer-facing teams can follow the progress of a Feature Request as it moves through your development team’s pipeline.


SMB Plan: $49 per month for three teammates.

Growth Plan: $99 per month for ten teammates.

Scaling Plan: $199 per month for unlimited teammates. 


Utilizing review boards, customer satisfaction polls, and other methods, Sleekplan allows you to gather product feedback and better understand what your users want. This functionality can help you improve your product and make it more user-friendly.

Key Features:

Feature request board by Sleekplan
Feature request board by Sleekplan
  • Clients remain on the same page and can provide feedback without being forwarded to another application.
  • The software analyzes the comments and computes effect scores for each based on its impact on the client’s experience.
  • Sleekplan is an effective tool for companies to prioritize their areas for development.
  • It enables in-the-moment feedback interaction, which allows users to inform clients about new features, products, and problem-solving techniques.
  • Sleekplan is an efficient way to keep track of product upgrades and communicate with consumers.
  • The changelog feature allows you to keep track of new product features and get consumer feedback. Assigning coworkers to particular recommendations encourages teamwork.
Changelog feature by Sleekplan
Changelog feature by Sleekplan
  • You can maintain the flow of feedback without disturbing your end users. Sleekplan gives them the option to provide feedback directly from your web-based app.
  • The various layouts in Sleekplan allow you to personalize the content to your needs.


Indie Plan: Free forever.

Starter Plan: $13.00 per month, billed annually.

Business Plan: $ 38.00 per month, billed annually.

Enterprise Plan: Customizable. Contact sales for further information.


UserVoice provides the insights needed to deliver consumers’ desired features and products. Not only that, but UserVoice also enables you to monitor consumer responses to your fulfillment of feature requests. Based on customer feedback, it lets you determine if you made the right choices.

Key Features:

  • UserVoice allows users to create a data-driven product roadmap and prioritize feature requests. It also helps you to mix quantitative customer data with qualitative product feedback to make smart roadmap decisions.
Feedback analytics tool by UserVoice
Feedback analytics tool by UserVoice
  • With the capacity to segment product feedback, it is possible to understand better customer wants and assess how new product features might affect users.
  • Obtain user, customer, and internal team input on the product.
An overview of feedback by internal teams
An overview of feedback by internal teams
  • Recognize popular feature suggestions, appreciate the urgency and importance of product requests, and develop a product roadmap that meets the needs of all stakeholders.
  • UserVoice helps keep consumers and internal stakeholders informed about the progress made with their feedback.
  • This feature request tool provides sophisticated internal feedback functionalities. It allows sales, success, and support teams to transmit feedback to each other without disrupting their current workflows.
  • With the help of UserVoice, you get additional information, give users progress updates, share your product roadmap, and interact with them directly.


Essentials Plan: $699 per month if billed annually.

Pro Plan: $899 per month if billed annually.

Premium Plan: $1,349 per month if billed annually.

Enterprise Plan: Customized version, contact sales.


Canny is an excellent option if you’re looking for a powerful tool to help you understand your users’ feature requests. It allows you to manage feature requests on your behalf and provides valuable insights to assist you in making well-informed choices concerning your product roadmap.

Key Features:

  • Canny helps you keep track of feedback and feature requests in one place, making it easier to develop and improve your product.
You can organize all the feature requests in one space.
You can organize all the feature requests in one space. 
  • Canny’s automated updates help keep everyone in the loop so you can get feedback from sales and marketing.
  • The feature request tool helps break down team silos and encourages collaboration between different departments.
  • The software’s unified feature request-gathering procedure makes it easy for everyone on your team to submit feedback.
  • Canny’s customer-facing staff have the authority to promote new features, ensuring that customers are always up to date on the latest changes.
  • The tool’s internal changelog keeps everyone updated on changes, making it easy for businesses to stay informed.
  • You can use feature requests to prioritize what you need to do on urgent basis and use it as a reference to create an effective product roadmap. 
Product roadmap built with the help of feature request prioritization
Product roadmap built with the help of feature request prioritization
  • Canny’s simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to get your team on board and cooperate on the essential characteristics of your product.


Free version is available.

Growth Plan: $400 per month.

Business Plan: Customizable. 


Usersnap is a platform designed specifically for gathering feedback from customers. With its help, you can easily collect and track feedback to make the necessary changes to your products and services. 

Not only does Usersnap help you get feedback, but it also helps create better products and services. With its help, you can quickly identify areas that need improvement and make the necessary changes.

Key Features:

  • Usersnap provides a separate feedback button for websites and apps, which makes it easier for customers to provide feedback.
Feedback button option by Usersnap
Feedback button option by Usersnap
  • It also has a menu that directs customers to the appropriate help and feedback options.
  • The in-app widget allows users to draw and pin comments to their screens.
  • Usersnap also offers a secure website screen rendering tool for community feedback and voting. 
  • The public feature request board can help to define the roadmap based on specific product requirements. 
Public feedback board by Usersnap
Public feedback board by Usersnap
  • Usersnap lets you gather customer feedback and define your roadmap based on particular product requests and customer data.
  • You can use CSAT and CES to measure feature success with your team.
  • Statistics are readily available to free up your time to concentrate on the final product and collaboration.


Basic Plan: $9 per month if billed yearly.

Startup Plan: $69 per month if billed yearly.

Company Plan: $129 per month if billed yearly.

Premium Plan: $249 per month if billed yearly.

Enterprise Plan: $949per month if billed yearly.

Feature Upvote:

Feature Upvote is a tool that allows you to create a cooperative and open workplace environment that fosters innovation. Everyone has an opportunity to dispute the requirements for your product vehemently. Everyone feels respected, even if they disagree with your final choices for what to build.

Key Features:

A snapshot of user recommendations for Feature Upvote.
A snapshot of user recommendations for Feature Upvote.
  • Feature Upvote allows you to gather and evaluate direct customer feedback.
  • The public ideas board is the default option and a fantastic way to obtain customer input.
  • The feature request tool also includes a thumbs-up feature to show support for ideas.
  • Feature Upvote offers an excellent level of customization for boards, allowing users to pick their domain name and board language, and brand their board however they like.
  • The tool also allows monitoring user comments in private using private idea boards.
  • The voting and feedback system offered by Feature Upvote is simple and easy to use, making it a great tool for businesses to gather customer feedback.
  • You can use a built-in voting feature on online message feedback boards, which makes it simple for users to comment on proposals and categorize them using tags.
  • Feature Upvote also allows you to track internal customer feedback on your products. To discuss and then sketch out ideas, schedule an “ideas day.” Or you may incorporate Feature Upvote into the workflow of your current product.


Standard Plan: $79 per board per month if billed yearly.

Enterprise Plan: Customizable. Need to contact the company.


Organizing and managing feature requests can be challenging, especially when you don’t have the right tools. A feature request tool can help streamline the process and make tracking customer feedback and suggestions easier.

A central platform lets you quickly see the most popular requests and prioritize accordingly. 

Additionally, you can track progress on implementing features and get insights into which ones are most successful. 

The primary means of gaining a competitive advantage in this ever-evolving market is to get feedback and use it to build your product.

We believe this blog post has shed some light on the top feature request tools, letting you choose the tool that fits your bill.

Crafting great product requires great tools. Try Chisel today, it's free forever.