What is a Product Brief? Product Brief definition, importance, and FAQs.

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What is a Product Brief?

A product brief, also called product spec, is a brief document that contains the information on a product’s goals, attributes, and guidelines. 

It highlights specific information and requirements that would be needed by the product team for building a new product or adding a feature to it.

Product briefs are referred to during the creation of the product by all the departments involved. It’s a guiding source that helps different departments adhere to the basic ideas for product creation.

Importance of a Product Brief

It’s a kind of roadmap or a set of guidelines that all the teams must follow. It provides context for the stakeholder’s vision of the product and likewise puts every department involved in the creation at one track giving a true collaborative effort.

A well tailored product brief is rid of misunderstandings and enhances creativity and brainstorming ideas.

For example you are setting up a platform to connect engineering students with firms offering internship opportunities. Product briefs here shall help the developer, designer and marketing teams to churn out ideas that are relevant to the target market that is students seeking internships and firms that are offering them.

Composition of a Product Brief

Basically, it represents the core ideas and visions of the stakeholders for the desired product and outlines all requirements and targets. 

It involves what a user shall be able to experience, the purpose of the product, uniqueness from competitors, technical specifications, and other crucial details.

In short it must answer the ‘what'(s) and ‘why'(s) about the product.

Things to be kept in mind while making product brief-

• what is being made, its purpose.
• how it caters to the user’s needs.
• competitor analysis
• motivation
• time allocation
• success analysis

Ultimately the customer matters the most so it should be stressed how the product is going to solve customer needs.

Analysis and research are essential in enhancing any effort. Therefore, referring to the SWOT report shall yield fruitful solutions for achieving the goals of creating the most user-effective product.

It also includes a schedule for implementation and methods to measure success once the production is over.

As the name suggests it shall be brief and to the point.


Q: How to write a product brief ?

A: It should be short and simple while defining the product and its purpose and the stakeholders vision for it. It should serve as a set of guidelines for the different teams involved at collaborating to create the product.

Q: What should be included in a product brief ?

A: What is the product and why its being made, user needs, competitor analysis, scheduling of the project, post production success measurement.

Q: Who prepares a product brief?

A: A product manager makes the product brief. Also, the teams involved in the production may also provide some feedback to the product manager on this.

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